Chris Carlsson

What work matters?

Chris Carlsson on the futility of much work under capitalism.

The sh*t raiser speaks! Interview with Judi Bari

Chris Carlsson and Med-o interview workplace and environmental activist Judy Bari on April 20, 1992 in Mendocino County.


Book reviews in Processed World #31.

Remaking a public education

Chris Carlsson on the education system.

The Shape of Truth to Come: New Media & Knowledge

Chris Carlsson on new media and networking technology, in 1994.

Virtual Hell: Interfacial Futures

Fiction by Chris Carlsson.

The Faceless Face of the New Mexican Revolution

Chris Carlsson analyses the EZLN and the role of their leader, Marcos, for Processed World magazine.

Burning Man: A Working-Class, Do-It-Yourself World’s Fair page down

Chris Carlsson writes on the Burning Man festival for Processed World magazine.

The First-Hand Look, and other perceptual problems...

tale of traveling toil by chris carlsson

The Rise of the Six-Month Worker

Chris Carlsson analyses the worldwide growth of temporary agency work in this article for Processed World magazine in 1981.