Discussion paper on class composition

German libertarian communists, Kolinko, write on the notion and meaning of class composition.

Middle Class? Fuck Off!

Article from Class War issue 73 on the role of the middle class in revolutionary politics, and acknowledging some of the shortcomings in the Class War Federation's understanding of class.

Strata in the working class - Martin Glaberman

Article by Martin Glaberman on the divisions within the working class.

Workerism - Antagonism

A communist critique of workerism, which also partly a self-critique of the authors' own tendencies.

Class analysis for anti-capitalist struggle - Antagonism

Article on the use and necessity of class analysis in the struggle for human community. We do not agree with all of it, for example the comments on the middle class and teachers but reproduce it as an interesting contribution.

Notes on Class

Richard Gunn's notes offer a lucid contribution to the attempt of elaborating what is meant when the concept "class" is employed in Marxist thought.

Time 'to dump' multiculturalism - Joe Reilly

Bradford riots, 2001

Currently there is much discussion on how the rise of the far right can be halted. The truthful answer, says Joe Reilly, is that an anti-fascism joined at the hip with multiculturalism cannot do so.

Race attack - Red Action on multiculturalism

G. O'Halloran argues that by its betrayal of principle, multiculturalism is a major propaganda gift to the far right, as well as laying the foundations for the political extermination of the working class itself.

Race, class and organisation - Workers Solidarity Federation

An interesting analysis of race, anarchism and class from South African organisation the Workers Solidarity Federation from 1998.

Multitude or working class - Paolo Virno

Virno explores the relationship of the concepts...