The protests in North Africa: what is happening?

The protests against the high cost of living, unemployment and corruption have been growing since the end of the year throughout North Africa, spreading through both Tunisia and Algeria in more and more cities and involving more social sectors, to the extent that the situation in both countries has become extremely unstable - much to the concern of the United States and the European Union, the top two international guarantors of the oligarchic political systems that are perpetuated in the Maghreb, posing as "buffer states" against the advance of Islamic fundamentalism in the region.

On the 10th congress of the CNT

The Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) held its 10th Congress from 4th to 8th December 2010 in the city of Cordoba.

“Revolutionary syndicalism serves the proletariat, whereas anarchism is one brand of humanism” - interview with Juan Garcia Oliver

Juan García Oliver, anarchist Minister of Justice during the Civil War.

Excerpt from the pamphlet “My Revolutionary Life: Juan García Oliver interviewed by Freddy Gomez”

1936-1939: the Spanish Civil War by Augustin Souchy

The Spanish Civil War.

Chapter 11 from Augustin Souchy's autobiography, Beware! Anarchist: A Life for Freedom.

After the Revolution: Economic Reconstruction in Spain - Diego Abad de Santillán

A practical proposal for implementing anarchosyndicalism in Spain in 1936.

Anarchism, anthropology and Andalucia: An analysis of the CNT and the ‘new capitalism’

A CNT militant attempts to analyze the union's strengths and weaknesses.

Serrano Valero, Basiliso, 1908-1955


A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist and anti-fascist guerilla fighter Basiliso Serrano Valero, a.k.a El Manco de La Pesquera.

CNT: 100 years of Anarchosyndicalism (1910-2010)

CNT celebrates a 100 years of existence. It's the centennial of a people and the invaluable fights of thousands of people who during these 100 years have given the international working class an exemplary tool to be followed, through its own culture, self organizing capacity, radical tactics, popular extension and revolutionary actions with the aim of building an anti-authoritarian and mutually supportive society.

The workers themselves - Wayne Thorpe

The Workers Themselves - Wayne Thorpe

Wayne Thorpe analyzes the international policies and endeavors of the syndicalist movement before and after the First World War, relations among national syndicalist organizations, the origins of the International Working Men's Association (founded in 1922), and the collective syndicalist response to rival forms of labour organization.

The anarchists in government in Spain: Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny - Camillo Berneri

Camillo Berneri

Letter from Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri to anarchists in the Spanish Government during the revolution.