After the Revolution: Economic Reconstruction in Spain - Diego Abad de Santillán

A practical proposal for implementing anarchosyndicalism in Spain in 1936.

D.A. de Santillan was a leading figure amongst the anarchist revolutionaries during the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939.This traveler, journalist, editor and economist, who suffered imprisonment for fighting the old regime, was asked by the CNT at the height of Spain's revolutionary fervor to help outline and flesh out the new world being built.

Anarchism, anthropology and Andalucia: An analysis of the CNT and the ‘new capitalism’

A CNT militant attempts to analyze the union's strengths and weaknesses.


Serrano Valero, Basiliso, 1908-1955


A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist and anti-fascist guerilla fighter Basiliso Serrano Valero, a.k.a El Manco de La Pesquera.

Basiliso Serrano Valero was born on Wednesday, April 15, 1908 in the municipality of La Pesquera, as the fifth child of Francisco Serrano and Rosario Valerio. The family was poor like most in the area, and after his father's untimely death, young Basiliso would have an early awakening to the harsh life of the Spanish working class.

CNT: 100 years of Anarchosyndicalism (1910-2010)

CNT celebrates a 100 years of existence. It's the centennial of a people and the invaluable fights of thousands of people who during these 100 years have given the international working class an exemplary tool to be followed, through its own culture, self organizing capacity, radical tactics, popular extension and revolutionary actions with the aim of building an anti-authoritarian and mutually supportive society.

On November 1, 1910, in the Fine Arts Center of Barcelona, the CNT - Confederación Nacional de Trabajo in Spanish or the National Confederation of Labor - was founded. This organization, successor to the Spanish chapter of the 1st International (1870), was born in the workers movement as the first independent union organization in Spain.

The workers themselves - Wayne Thorpe

The Workers Themselves - Wayne Thorpe

Wayne Thorpe analyzes the international policies and endeavors of the syndicalist movement before and after the First World War, relations among national syndicalist organizations, the origins of the International Working Men's Association (founded in 1922), and the collective syndicalist response to rival forms of labour organization.

The anarchists in government in Spain: Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny - Camillo Berneri

Camillo Berneri

Letter from Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri to anarchists in the Spanish Government during the revolution.

Dear Comrade,

It was my intention to address myself to all you comrade ministers, but once the pen was in my hand, I addressed myself spontaneously to you alone and I did not wish to go against this instinctive impulse.

On militarisation of the militias

Interview with Italian anarchist militant, Camillo Berneri, in Spain on the situation of the revolution and war.

Interview in 'Spain and the World'

The first question we asked Camillo Berneri concerns the military situation as he saw it.

Spain: Eulogy for unionism - CNT

The CNT of Spain discuss the recent campaign against unionism in Spain, while distinguishing genuine revolutionary unionism from the collaborationist unionism of the majority unions in Spain.

It’s clear that a complete campaign, orchestrated by unnumerable sections of the media, dedicated to discrediting what is commonly understood by “unionism”; a campaign that has been noted as ruthless by one of the leaders of the CCOO [one of Spain’s two major union confederations], given that it is principally against this organization as well as the UGT [Spain’s other major union confederation] t

Spain: Madrid CNT Calls for Strike Participation, Skepticism Towards the Official Unions

The CNT of Madrid are calling for participation in the September 29 general strike while noting the dangerous possibility that the state-sponsored unions who are calling the strike may call if off if asked to "negotiate".

There's no doubting that we have more than enough reasons to strike. The politicians and employers have been burning us for two years. First they gorged themselves on redundancies while turning all of the public dough into a fine cake for the banks and businesses, until unemployment arrived at almost five million people.

Spain: CNT Joins Call for September 29 General Strike

The Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union the CNT is calling for a nationwide walkout against the government's new labor law reform.

Their press release stated:

The labor reform that the PSOE [Spanish Socialist Party] intends to introduce will be the greatest act of aggression against the rights of workers since the transition to democracy.

We must use the one-day strike as a trigger for later and broader mobilisations.