EULEN fires all striking workers at ABB Cordoba

Outsourcing of workers at the ABB factory in Cordoba is currently being used as the pretext to get rid of militant workers, leading to 34 workers being fired.

Strike in EULEN-ABB enters its second week

A decision to use another service provider is clearly a union-busting tactic.

“Separate and equal”?: Mujeres Libres and anarchist strategy for women's emancipation

A history of the Mujeres Libres, a women's anarchist organisation founded in Spain, May 1936, which aimed to end the “triple enslavement of women, to ignorance, to capital, and to men.”

Was there a Spanish revolution? - Enric Mompo

An essay on the nature of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution of 1936 that briefly summarizes the historical background of the military uprising and emphasizes the fact that immediately after the uprising began, spontaneously formed committees and workers patrols replaced the state and its repressive apparatus throughout most of Spain. Noting that these “revolutionary achievements . . . did not appear in the political program of any organization”, the author refers to these working class institutions as “organs of power” and asserts that they provide “irrefutable proof of the socialist character of the Spanish Revolution”.

Radical unionism and the workers' struggle in Spain - Ruben Vega Garcia and Carlos Perez

A piece on Spanish trade unionism since the Franco's death.

Indignados in Seville and Barcelona: reports from the #spanishrevolution

Reports from anarchists in two different cities in Spain about the assemblies movement there. From late May/Early June 2011. Translated for The Commune.

On the Line: Volume 1, Number 3 (1978)


Third issue of the Libertarian Workers Group's agitational newsletter.

The CNT in the IT Sector

An appeal by the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union, CNT-AIT, to those in the IT sector.

Basic anarcho-syndicalism

This is an excerpt from a pamphlet by CNT Seville called Anarcosindicalismo: Basico. The pamphlet is a training manual for new union members, to help them understand the CNT and how it functions.

Attention: New definitions of anarcho-syndicalism - Juan Gómez Casas

Article written in 1983 for Solidaridad Obrera, #128