Anarkio: Bulteno

Monata bulteno eldonas per grupo tio partorpenas en COB-AIT grupo por anarkismo-sindikatismo el Brazilo.

Workplace Conflicts, Protest and Resistance: Actions of the lWA in 2015 (Part One)

A look at some of the actions of the lWA Sections and Friends in 2015. Fighting through direct action has, in many cases, forced bosses big and small to pay up what they owe, to admit they illegally fired someone and pay them compensation, to make improvements in working conditions and give them raises. Without union bosses and leaders, for all categories of workers.

São Paulo: ongoing demonstrations against transit fare hikes

São Paulo February 6 2015

Statement of the Brazilian Workers’ Confederation (COB, a section of the IWA-AIT) opposing the raising of public transit bus fares.

General principles and means of struggle of the American Continental Association of Workers

This is an excerpt from the declarations of the American Continental Association of Workers IWA-AIT from 1929. It consists of the principles and tactics adopted by the constitutive organizations drawn from Latin America at that time, and is translated into English with an introduction by the translator, SN Nappalos.

Talking about Working Conditions is not a Crime!

A unionist from COB-AIT goes on trial for slander after condemning working conditions in his factory and the repression of his activity.

Organized labor in Brazil 1900-1937: from anarchist origins to government control - Colin Everett

General strike in São Paulo, 1917

Colin Everett recounts the anarcho-syndicalist origins of the Brazilian labour movement, and its eventual supersession by authoritarian, state-linked unions.

Santos, the Barcelona of Brazil - Edgar Rodrigues


The struggle of dockers and carters in a Brazilian port city during the beginning of the 20th century.

A history of the anarchist movement in Brazil - Edgar Rodrigues


A short history of the anarchist movement in Brazil.