Buffy the anarcho-syndicalist: Capitalism bites

Buffy the anarcho-syndicalist

An excellent detourned comic from 2004 about Buffy, the anarcho-syndicalist vampire-slayer.

Anarchy comics

Anarchy Comics

Anarchy Comics was a series of comics produced by the San Francisco based publisher Last Gasp, between 1978 and 1987. Here are all four published comics in PDF format.

Don't be an overtime addict - Paul Petard

This little booklet was produced by the anarcho-communist cartoonist Paul Petard in the early 2000s some time, when he was working at the Post Office in London.

Here it is as a collection of graphics files and in Kindle and epub format.

The housing monster -

A beautifully illustrated book by which takes one seemingly simple thing - a house - and examines the social relations around it. From the construction site to the city, from gender roles to unions, what starts as a look at the house broadens into a critique of capitalism as a whole.

More politics please - Paul Petard

A booklet produced by anarchist cartoonist Paul Petard in 2003. One frame asks the question "Is the economic system really dynamic or just a bubble based on borrowed funny money?" Now, in 2011, we know the answer to that one!

A new job becomes available, and other doodles - Paul Petard

Various doodles produced by anarchist cartoonist Paul Petard over the last two or three decades, relating to various political subjects.

Looting: a Martian perspective

A comic by H. D'Andrade looking at the looting during the 1992 LA riots.

Class War Comix - Clifford Harper

Class War Comix

The first chapter of a projected graphic novel by the English cartoonist and anarchist, published in 1979.

The adventures of Tintin: breaking free

The Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free is an anarchist parody of the popular Tintin series of comics. An exercise in detournement, the book was written under the pseudonym J. Daniels.

The Scum - comic about the Wapping dispute, 1986

A contemporary spoof of The Sun newspaper containing a "Tintin" cartoon about the Wapping printers dispute of 1986.