The fetish speaks! - Marx and Perlman

Fredy Perlman, Detroit Printing Co-op, 1970s

Marx spoke of the commodity - now the commodity speaks of Marx (and itself). PDF of illustrated quotations from 'Capital'.

Abolish restaurants: A worker's critique of the food service industry

Abolish Restaurants is a beautifully illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it.

Work. Community. Politics. War. -

Work. Community. Politics. War. -

US libertarian communist website's illustrated call to arms to the workers of the world. In text and PDF format.

Living in an election year: A cartoon manifesto

A comic made in the run-up to the 2004 US election, where the two candidates - Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore - stood for pretty much exactly the same policies. Instead of voting, the comic calls on workers to organise together and fight for our own interests.

No war but the class war comic

A comic made on the eve of the 2003 war on Iraq calling for working class unity across borders and class war against capital rather than national unity and war.