The Commune

‘Something out of the ordinary’

College worker Siobhan Evans reflects on a hard-fought struggle against redundancies in her workplace.

Making a killing: suicide under capitalism

An article on the relation between capitalism and suicide from the June 2011 issue of The Commune.

Egypt: “democracy, social justice and human dignity” – but when, and how?

Tali Janner-Klausner reports from Cairo on the unfolding Egyptian revolution, including the recent international solidarity conference. From The Commune.

Indignados in Seville and Barcelona: reports from the #spanishrevolution

Reports from anarchists in two different cities in Spain about the assemblies movement there. From late May/Early June 2011. Translated for The Commune.

To ‘the movement’: on work and unions in an age of austerity - Tom Denning

In an age of austerity, at a time in which industrial struggle seems to be on the agenda in a way in which it hasn’t been for years, activists are asking questions about unions. What can we expect from them? How should we relate to them? Why are they as they are? Originally published in May 2011.

The unions and the fight against austerity - Tom Denning

Teachers and Council workers strike together in Tower Hamlets in March

Tom Denning considers the current position of the unions in relation to the fight against public sector cuts.

Mobilisation versus representation: the UK student movement in November and December 2010

This article was published in the January 2011 issue of The Commune. It argues that the student movement's strength comes from below, not from the long march through institutions.

This is only the beginning: but of what?

The Commune's leaflet for the March 26th TUC demo

On violence against the police - The Commune

A participant in the 9 December demonstrations against education cuts and fees in Parliament Square writes on the use of political violence, and condemnation of it in the media.

The battle of Millbank and occupation at Manchester University

A personal account of the NUS demonstration against fees and education cuts on the 10th November 2010, the occupation of Millbank tower, and the occupation of Manchester University's finance department. Originally written for The Commune by Mark Harrison.