Why the Royal Mail Deal is Junk

Roy Mayall on why the new agreement between the CWU and Royal Mail is bad for workers and bad for customers.

According to the official communiques, both sides in the postal workers' dispute are delighted with the complex deal that has been ironed out over the past weeks. The CWU is calling it a 6.9% pay rise over three years; the management is hailing the agreement as opening the way to "transformation" of the business.

Hello Out There

This is the first issue of Processed World. We hope it will serve as a contact point for office workers who are dissatisfied with their lot in life and are seeking something better.

Fujitsu UK workers set to strike

Fujitsu workers strike

Union members at Fujitsu Services have voted for strike action over pensions, pay and job cuts.

The action is not yet decided. Senior Unite union reps are meeting today to decide the next move after 74 per cent of members who voted called for a walk out. Some 92 per cent agreed to industrial action short of a strike.

Employee thieving at a discount chain store

Kmart worker Karl recounts his employment in the late 70s and early 80s, with his and his co-workers' unofficial way of supplementing their wages.

Anarchist literature and distribution

Distribution of anarchist literature has been a major difficulty for decades, and recent improvements to a range of products has repeatedly been held back by this fact. what can we do about it?

Having a soft spot for the anarcho-punk magazine Now or Never!, I listened avidly today to an interview between Resonance FM anarchist talk show host Ian Bone and the magazine's editors, Tug and Harry K.

A brief review of Zones of Proletarian Development - (Jennifer Ryan)

The potential of proletarian interaction - as we enter the "surreal phase of capital's domination"...

The book can be bought online from Mute magazine, Amazon UK, and Blackwell.

France: workers strike, many win

Restaurant and tire workers have won strikes with a bus drivers' strike ongoing.

Michelin - Workers at the factory in Toul (Meurthe et Moselle) began strike action after plans were announced to close it down. As well as occupying and blockading the plant with pickets of burning tyres the 826 workers also confined two managers to their offices during the four-day strike.

Class struggle by email

Why are email campaigns over industrial disputes making an impact?

Email campaigning has been one of the surprise success stories of the last few years in labour struggle.

France: More workers join strikes

Hundreds of thousands of health workers, civil servants, printers postal workers and air traffic controllers yesterday joined transport and energy strikes over pensions and pay.

Thousands joined street protests in Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg, Marseille, Grenoble, Lyon and other cities.

The 24 hour strike left many schools closed, hospitals providing a reduced service and newsagents without newspapers.

The BBC reported that the French capital's two airports and Marseille airport in the south suffered delays and cancellations.

Unofficial action at Royal Mail continues

Despite official strikes being called off, wildcat strikes and other disputes continue in the postal service.

Postal workers in Belfast have won an important victory against management after unofficial action on Friday of last week. It took the workers just one and a half hours to force down bosses’ attempts to change start times.

Managers insisted that the workforce put forward their start times by two hours.