Interview with the IASR (Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania)

The current October issue of the “Industrial Worker” of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) includes an interview with the international secretary of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania (I.A.S.R.).

A chance to start writing ourselves back into the story

The Cautiously Pessimistic blog takes a look at the current struggle of electricians in the UK and puts it in the context of struggles against austerity around the world.

Electricians protest against pay cuts - updates and discussion

Update and discussion thread about the UK-wide demonstrations and mostly wildcat strikes of electricians (nicknamed "sparks") against deskilling and pay cuts of up to 35% across much of the industry.

Lindsey: Total’s counter-attack ends in defeat - Mouvement Communiste

picture of Lindsey OIl Refinery

The second part of Mouvement Communiste's analysis of the Lindsey engineering construction strikes of 2009. It is concerned with events following Total's attempt to victimise workers involved in the first wave of strikes, which resulted in more strikes! Also further develops the analysis of the specificities of the role of shop stewards in the UK.

HONGRIE 1956: «LE PROLETARIAT A L’ASSAUT DU CIEL» - Mouvement Communiste

Un orchestre de cuivres ouvrier, Budapest 1956

The original French version of the Mouvement Communiste pamphlet on Hungary 56.

Wobble the job! The Building Trades Wildcat in Alberta

An article on the Alberta building trade's wildcat of 2007 and the union's attempts to get people back to work.

Locked out Vivergo Fuels workers march on Hull

A reported 500 march from the new BP site at Saltend to the Hull city centre over job losses

Further disruption at Vivergo Fuels


Following on from the blockades earlier this month, wildcat blockades continue with police warning motorists to avoid the area in the mornings throughout the week.

Humberside construction workers in Vivergo Fuels blockade

Workers at joint BP project involved in early morning wildcat action against job losses

Wildcat Strike at Lvov Stadium Building Site

The bosses lock in workers to prevent news of strike going public.