Wildcat strike in Diyarbakır ends with victory

Wildcat strike of brick workers in Turkey wins pay increase.

Brick workers in several factories in Diyarbakır (the biggest city in the southeast Kurdish region of Turkey) went on a wildcat strike in a dispute over wages.

Migrant workers in Slovenia hunger strike for unpaid wages

A group of migrant workers in Slovenia has been on hunger strike since March 1, 2010.

Chinese workers clash with police after bossnapping in Bahrain

Police attacked a group of Chinese migrant workers who had taken nine of their superiors hostage near a construction site in Zallaq, 25 km south of the capital Manama. reported that police stormed the barricaded worker-housing compound on 27 February after a siege that lasted several hours, freeing the nine men and arresting 26 workers of the approximately 150 residing in the camp.

The real estate of urban wasteland in India

Gurgaon workers news on development projects and company policies in India in January 2010.

The financial crash in autumn 2008 and the more recent payment crisis in Dubai sent shockwaves affecting not only the ‘housing market’, but the financial fundaments of many industrial and urban infrastructure projects. In the following we give some snap-shots of the real estate of crisis in and around Gurgaon.

Temp work at a shopping mall construction site, 2007

Prol-Position on casualisation and agency work on a German building site in 2007.

The Company

Struggles of Asian workers in the Middle East and oil-producing countries, 2006

Prol-Position on the Middle East, migration and workers' struggles, mostly in the construction industry.


Eastern European migrants in France: the Polish example

The mythical Polish plumber

Oiseau-tempête examine Eastern European migration to France, with particular attention to workers from Poland, analyse its effects on French society and debunk commonly held myths.

Few Eastern European workers migrate to France

Spain: Bricks, bubbles and bankruptcy

Wildcat Germany on the credit crisis, class struggle and to the construction industry in Spain in late 2009.


Crisis in California - everything touched by capital turns toxic

California dreaming turns to California nightmare as decades of agribusiness, real estate development and exploitation of migrant workers take their toxic toll. Gifford Hartman takes us on a guided tour of the Golden State's darkside.

I should be very much pleased if you could find me something good (meaty) on economic conditions in California [...]. California is very important for me because nowhere else has the upheaval most shamelessly caused by capitalist centralization taken place with such speed.

- Letter from Karl Marx to Friedrich Sorge, 1880

Direct action against unpaid wages on a demolition site

Demolition worker Anthony's account of labouring in the New England winter, and taking direct action when his wages were not paid.

The wicked New England winter had set in. There was no more work haying fields or picking apples. There was food from our livestock and from what we could put away from our garden, but no money for anything else. My friends and I drove our beat-up station wagon to the nearby "city," population 5,000. We went to apply for food stamps and possibly general assistance.