credit crisis

Economic crisis and direct action in Iceland

Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. People are getting angry, some of them wanting back the “good old” prosperity, while others and hopefully the majority, are realizing the real cost of capitalism.

General strike in Italy against government handling of the crisis

Hundreds of thousands of workers downed tools and took to the streets in a four hour stoppage stating "we won't pay for the crisis".

A brief history of the crisis

A concise background to the current financial crisis and recession.

What recession means for us

An analysis of the likely impact of the coming recession on workers' lives and a rallying call for collective action to mitigate that impact.

The biggest ‘october surprise’ of all: a world capitalist crash - Loren Goldner

Loren Goldner's analysis of the recent global financial crisis.

Inflation: rising prices and the 2% pay ceiling

An analysis of the use of inflation to attack workers' conditions.

General strike over prices brings Belgium to a halt

A nationwide strike against rising prices disrupted transport, retailing and manufacturing across Belgium on Monday.