Detroit bus drivers on wildcat strike

All of Detroit's bus drivers walked out yesterday over concerns about safety and crime.

The Truth about the Bonnot Gang - Ezra Brett Mell

The Bonnot Gang

A short account of the Paris-based anarchist robbers - and inventors of the getaway car - who operated in 1911-12 and the political debate that went on as to the worth of 'illegalist' activity.

Shooting spree BNP man jailed for life


John Laidlaw, a member of the fascist British National Party (BNP) who wanted to "kill all black people" has been jailed for a life for a shooting spree in north London.

Belgium: Strikes across rail network

Last Thursday a wildcat strike by train drivers at the Belgian station of Termonde lead to the cancellation of many services, a spokesman for the railway claimed not to know what had triggered the unofficial action.

Anti-social behaviour: a view from a London estate

Atlanta families protest against police killings

Relatives of the 11 people killed this year by DeKalb County police protested on Tuesday night to demand a full account of the deaths.

Shoot to kill

This article is from Black Flag in 1999. It analyses the British state's use of shoot to kill.

James Carr, the Black Panthers and all that

James Carr

A look at the life and times of James Carr and the Black Panthers and their relationship to the prison struggles and wider social movements of the 1960s.

Former BNP councillor jailed for violent disorder

Luke Smith

Five football hooligans, including former BNP councillor Luke Smith, have been jailed after going on the rampage in Manchester at a World Cup qualifying match.

Reflections on the violence within Thurday's demonstrations

Accounts and discussions on the mugging and beating of some demonstrators in last Thursday's Paris anti-CPE march.