Friday March 24: Summary of events

A round-up of today's main events, including unions meeting with Villepin, university occupations, rioting and mugging of demonstrators.

Dunblane - what made Hamilton tick?

Crime and community

John Shute looks at leftist political group IWCA’s relationship to crime in the communities they serve.

BNP paedophile jailed

A former soldier and election candidate for the fascist British National Party in the Midlands has been jailed for 15 months after sending obscene images involving children to others.

BNP 'arsonist' in court

A prominent member of the right-wing group the British National Party has appeared before a Lincoln court charged with multiple counts of arson and criminal damage.

Large-scale Massacre of Prisoners in Peru, 1986 - ICG

Peruvian prison

Poorly written but still interesting article about a massacre of prisoners in Peru in 1986.