The making of "outside agitators"

A piece by Crimethinc refuting the "outside agitator" slur that has been deployed in Ferguson, Missouri, where protests and clashes with police have occurred in response to the killing of an unarmed black teen.

What they mean when they say peace

A response from Crimethinc to the Governor of Missouri's insistence on "peace now, justice later".

What If the black bloc held a summit and the G20 had a bake sale?

Crudo critiques some perspectives on summit protests.

Anarchy in the age of dinosaurs

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs, " It's a 154-page, fully illustrated anarchist tactical guide. It covers everything from anarchist shanty-towns, the French Resistance in WWII, to the destruction of dinosaurs - focusing on how decentralization and DIY serve catalysts for revolution" from the Crimethinc camp. We have massive disagreements with much of it and reproduce it for reference only.

Bounty hunters & child predators: inside the FBI entrapment strategy

An article by Crimthinc on recent FBI 'terrorism' cases centering on anarchists and the Occupy movement.

A trip down CrimethInc’s memory hole: 2010-2011 in review, reviewed.

Cautiously Pessimistic blog analyses and critiques Crimethinc's piece on the UK anti-austerity movement, the Wisconsin uprising and the Egyptian revolt.

Dear Occupiers: A letter from anarchists

Text from a flier produced by US anarchist group Crimethinc, for participants of the '#Occupy' movement.

A communist critique of some aspects of early CrimethInc. - Steven Johns

A critique of early CrimethInc. writings, written by one of the libcom group between 2005 and 2006 attacking its lifestylist elements and arguing for a class struggle perspective.

Days of Crime and Nights of Horror - Ramor Ryan

Ramor Ryan reviews Days of War, Nights of Love: CrimethInc for Beginners (CrimethInc Workers' Collective, 2001) and Days and Nights of Love and War by Eduardo Galeano (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1983).

Rethinking CrimethInc.

Crimethincism in the dustbin of history

A class struggle anarchist critique of lifestylist activist group CrimethInc. written by W in 2006.