Post strike announcement due today

Billy Hayes

Postal workers are waiting to hear today if they'll be asked to vote on a deal between the CWU and Royal Mail, ten days after it was agreed.

CWU bosses Billy Hayes and Dave Ward met with Royal Mail's Adam Crozier and Allan Leighton on the 12th of October, signing a deal just hours after Royal Mail had gained an injunction to prevent further strike action scheduled for the beginning of last week.

Postal dispute: High court blocks Monday's official action

The High Court has blocked official strike action by postal workers on Monday and Tuesday.

The Royal Mail was granted an injunction to stop CWU members at sorting and delivery offices from striking. Royal Mail says an irregularity in the way the strike notice was issued makes the action illegal. The union insisted the strike was legitimate because it fully complied with the law. Rolling strikes similar to those in August were due to start on Monday.

More wildcats at Royal Mail

Macclesfield postal workers on official strike earlier this year

Wildcat postal strikes have sprung up around the UK at the end of an official 48-hour Royal Mail walkout.

130,000 Communication Workers Union (CWU) members returned to work today after the latest four day strikes, but the introduction of later starts by executive action has led to mass walkouts in Glasgow, Lancaster, Liverpool, and London, with more offices to follow.

Postal workers begin two 48-hour strikes

Pickets at Ardwick, Manchester, June 2007

Royal Mail workers have started the first of two 48-hour walkouts over pay and conditions since the suspension of strike action for talks in August.

Last-minute talks between Royal Mail managers and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) failed to reach a deal, and the strike started at noon. A second two-day strike is scheduled to begin at 3am on Monday, 8 October, after which rolling strikes will occur on a weekly basis with different functions on different days.

CWU announces further strikes

Postal workers listen to a talk during their recent strike action

The CWU yesterday has declared that there will be two 48 hour strikes at the beginning of October. Below is the official statement, reproduced for reference.

Taken from the CWU website:

Royal Mail: Stockport wildcat strikers return to work whilst national talks extended until Sunday

Post box

Several hundred workers at Stockport Mail Centre returned to work today having walked out unofficially on Friday. Meanwhile national talks between the CWU leadership and Royal Mail have been extended until Sunday.

Workers at Stockport returned today after agreeing to ballot for official strike action. They had walked out on Friday following a mass meeting in the canteen. The walkout occurred shortly after a driver was sacked due allegations made by a scab during the official strike action last month.

update: according to posters on

UK: Workers at Royal Mail contractors Romec strike

Following an overwhelming 12 to 1 yes vote for industrial action, engineers and admin workers are Romec are due to strike today over a sub-inflation pay offer.

A 24 hour strike is scheduled 6am Friday 31 August 2007 until 6 am Saturday 1st September 2007 for all Romec Engineers and Admin grades.

The CWU stated that union negotiators held a meeting with management on Tuesday 21st August 2007; but were unable to make any clear progress.

The CWU website had this announcement:

Comments on the recent summer postal strike - by a striker, 2007

A postman looks at recent developments and future implications in the recently suspended strike.

Why was the strike called off?
The obvious answer is that the union called the strikes off because Royal Mail (RM) was willing to negotiate. Dave Ward publicly offered for the union that if RM would enter "meaningful" negotiations they were willing to call off the pending action.

UK: Post Office strikes continue

Workers at Crown Post Offices struck yesterday and on Friday, and are due to strike again tomorrow to stop plans to outsource services to WH Smiths.

While management tried to downplay the effects of the strike, the CWU claimed that members supported the strikes in overwhelming numbers. Post Office Limited (POL) Head Office was placed in disarray due to severe staff shortages as managers were once again forced to travel at great cost across the country to cover members’ jobs.

Royal Mail strikes suspended for talks as work to rule continues

CWU General Secretary, Billy Hayes

Royal Mail and the CWU leadership announced the suspension of strike action for three weeks for talks. Meanwhile, on the job and unofficial action continues.

Postal workers were just about to resume a second two weeks of rolling strike action, which has already built up 10-14 days backlog at Royal Mail depots around the country.