A history of the 2003 UK postal workers' wildcat strike

A short history of the largely successful wildcat stoppage of thousands of postal workers in the UK, and the developments which led to the strike.

Wildcats return with a roar - postal wildcat strike, 2003

Cowley strikers, 2003

Article about the Royal Mail wildcat strike and other wildcat actions in the UK in 2003.

Exeter: second postal strike threatened

Management persecution prompts talk of further walkouts just days after an agreement was reached to return to work.

Exeter postal wildcat ends

Exeter strike picket line

300 workers who staged an unofficial walkout at the Exeter Mail Centre have voted unanimously to end their strike.

Exeter postal strike update

A wildcat strike involving 300 workers at Exeter Mail Centre continues after talks between bosses and unions failed to end the unofficial dispute.

Exeter: Posties wildcat strike

300 workers wildcat at the Exeter Mail Centre, “severely disrupting” postal services.

Posties pique - Royal Mail workers out on wildcats

With postal workers already angry at the Royal Mail's decision to impose a 2.9% pay offer, two small wildcat strikes have broken out in Oxford and Wolverhampton

Belfast postal workers consider official strike

In the wake of the 18 day wildcat strike action that crippled Belfast's postal service, union members consider launching an official strike.

Belfast post wildcat strikers win for all of us

At a packed meeting at lunchtime on Friday 17th February, in Transport House, Belfast, striking postal workers decided to end their wildcat strike and return to work having won their dispute.

Second strike for Dundee posties

More than 100 staff from the Royal Mail's Dundee East depot are set to strike.