Wildcats return with a roar - postal wildcat strike, 2003

Cowley strikers, 2003

Article about the Royal Mail wildcat strike and other wildcat actions in the UK in 2003.

We could have borrowed this headline of last weeks English Anarchist publications, but we actually nicked it from the Financial Times of the 6 November. The wildcat strikes are back, after the work stoppages at Heathrow airport, there have been wildcat actions by the postal workers and the fire fighters in the last two weeks. How can this be?

Exeter: second postal strike threatened

Management persecution prompts talk of further walkouts just days after an agreement was reached to return to work.

Previous coverage: 1 2 3.

Exeter postal wildcat ends

Exeter strike picket line

300 workers who staged an unofficial walkout at the Exeter Mail Centre have voted unanimously to end their strike.

The dispute (previous coverage: 1 2) was sparked by the management decision to discipline a union official for his sickness record.

Exeter postal strike update

A wildcat strike involving 300 workers at Exeter Mail Centre continues after talks between bosses and unions failed to end the unofficial dispute.

The initial trigger for the walkout (previously reported by here) was the disciplining of a union official for his sickness record in a manner workers said violated normal procedures.

Exeter: Posties wildcat strike

300 workers wildcat at the Exeter Mail Centre, “severely disrupting” postal services.

Staff at the sorting centre walked out in support of a union official being disciplined over his sick leave - workers allege proper procedures have not been followed. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) have fulfilled their statutory obligation to state they are trying to get the workers back to work, while management have been scabbing.

Posties pique - Royal Mail workers out on wildcats

With postal workers already angry at the Royal Mail's decision to impose a 2.9% pay offer, two small wildcat strikes have broken out in Oxford and Wolverhampton

As they were underway, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced its intention to ballot for industrial action.

Belfast postal workers consider official strike

In the wake of the 18 day wildcat strike action that crippled Belfast's postal service, union members consider launching an official strike.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) authorised a ballot of its members for strike action due to Royal Mail management going back on deals made to end the unofficial stoppage on February 17.

Belfast post wildcat strikers win for all of us

At a packed meeting at lunchtime on Friday 17th February, in Transport House, Belfast, striking postal workers decided to end their wildcat strike and return to work having won their dispute.

An independent review of industrial relations, the key demand of the strikers, has been won. Strikers also forced Royal Mail to agree a non-victimisation clause in the agreement that brought the dispute to a close - while the 12 month no strike clause was effectively scrapped.

Second strike for Dundee posties

More than 100 staff from the Royal Mail's Dundee East depot are set to strike.

This will be the second walkout over the measures, although the Dundee depot is the only one in Scotland to be striking over the introduction of a new policy to replace full-time positions with part-time workers. It comes as part of a widespread move to replace 40 hour sorting and delivery posts with 30 hour part-time delivery-only posts when they become vacant.

Belfast post wildcat could be over within hours

Union officials are trying to thrash out a new deal to end the strike - but workers are holding out until they are guaranteed no victimisation.

The workers walked out over management bullying, and were demanding an independent inquiry – and demand which management had refused.

A spokesman for the CWU said: "I believe it is more optimistic today. First and foremost we are looking for a guarantee that no individuals will be victimised when they return to work.