Street protests and class power - Devrim Valerian

Reflections on current events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

The ongoing events that set fire to Turkey from the end of May, the mass demonstrations in Brazil during the Confederations Cup, and the current events in Egypt with Tahrir Square once again full of demonstrators calling for the overthrown of the President, show very clearly that we still live in a world dominated by the events that were unleashed by a young man burning himself to death in Tunisi

Support the Huddersfield 2

People block in the police van when they arrest two anarchists.

On 26th July two local anarchists are to be tried at Huddersfield Magistrates Court after they were arrested at an Anti-Bedroom Tax demonstration on 6th April this year. The arrests occurred after the pair were involved in an peaceful occupation of Barclays Bank in protest at the corruption of the banking system which caused austerity.

Alan Brooke and Robin Von Mickwitz pleaded not guilty to the Public Order charge levied against when they were in court in April after they were arrested at the demonstration.

In 2012 Barclays was fined £290 million for insider dealing and yet still paid £1.9 million in bonuses to top bankers.

Spanish banks occupied

Hundreds of activists from the Platform for Mortgage Victims (PAH) have occupied a branch of the Banco Popular Bank, and the BBVA bank, both in Barcelona.

Activists have taken up the case of Jose Antonio Gomez. Jose signed for a loan of 390,000 Euros, and despite repaying over 100,000 Euros - interest rates mean the debt has now risen to 590,000 in less than 5 years.

Jose’s circumstances are typical for many ordinary Spaniards who have been crippled by interest rates.

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

Organize to strike, fight to win! Quebec's 2012 student strike

A pamphlet analysing the 2012 student strikes against tuition fee rises in Quebec.

In February 2012, students in Quebec launched an unlimited general strike to fight back against a 75% hike in university tuition fees. Contrary to the expectations of many, the strike movement lasted more than six months, morphing into one of the largest periods of social unrest the province had ever seen.

South African riot police pave the way for Obama visit

Security forces have clashed with protesters who are angry that Barack Obama is to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Johannesburg.

Demonstrators – from the university, trade unions, communist party, and the groups ‘NoBama’, and ‘No You Can’t’ - cited Obama’s on-going support for Israeli attacks on Palestinians, drone attacks, and plans to exploit Africa’s resources - as the rationale for their protest.

A student spokesperson said that:

In Brazil, demonstrations against transport price increases: police repression provokes the anger of youth

An article written by group of the International Communist Current in Brazil on the recent wave of protests sparked by public transport price rises.

A wave of protests against the increase in public transport fares is currently unfolding in the big cities of Brazil, particularly in the Sāo Paulo, but it’s also been happening in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Goiânia, Aracaju and Natal.

Double struggle in Brazil

Blog about the demonstrations and riots which have swept Brazil in the wake of an increase in the price of public transport.

While the world has been watching Turkey, another country is experiencing revolt. That country is Brazil. Just like Turkey, it is relatively succesful, economically speaking. Just like Turkey, the results of economic growth are divided very unequally. Just like in Turkey, a relatively small provocation is setting off a much biggen chain reaction.

Greece: Thousands gather in an anti-government protest at suspension of state broadcaster ERT

Anarchists and workers show solidarity with the fired 2,656 employees of state TV and radio of Greece.

Thousands in Athens, Greece gathered in the evening of June 11, 2013 outside the national TV headquarters, in solidarity with 2,656 employees that were left jobless in just one day.

The protest continued all throughout the night and into the next day (today) to protect the building from the riot police who were supposed to violently evacuate it early in the morning.

Our commons - Who, why? - A statement from the movement in Turkey

Protesters cross the Bosphorus on mass

A statement produced by participants in the current street protests, strikes, and social struggle in Turkey.

What we see

Clouds gathering North and South.
Public spaces, street corners, poor neighborhoods shouting out loud for true democracy. From Tahrir to Sintagma, crowds are urging us all to see: see the inequalities of a system in total crisis, of the dirty games of technocrats and parliamentaries, of insecure of dictators and false democrats.

Impressions from Ankara: the Turkish protest movement

A first person account, some background, and some analysis of the ongoing protests in Turkey.

I've been living in Ankara for the past six months and last night I had the opportunity to head down to the main protest in the city. I in no way want to pretend this account is complete and would very much welcome feedback, additions, and corrections from others who may be more familiar with the situation.