Against the reform, another revolt! Updates on student protests in Italy

Last night the Chamber of Deputies approved the Gelmini reform. 307 votes in favour, 252 against, 7 abstained. The reform will be passed over to the Senate on 9th December for its 3rd reading, then to the Chamber of Deputies again for the final vote.

Student protests - what next?

After another successful day of action yesterday, we look at what lies next for the growing movement against the UK government's austerity measures of cuts to services and rising fees.

Student protests against cuts and fees, UK, November 30 2010 photo gallery

Collection of photos from protests around the UK against proposed education cuts.

More student protests sweep Italy

Demonstrators in Rome.

In the same week that saw students occupy the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy today has seen more occupations, street battles and blockades of railway stations by students opposing new education reforms.

November 30th day of action against cuts and fees

Tens of thousands of students will walk out of class for the third time in as many weeks today during a national day of action against cuts and tuition fees.

My account of the student national day of action - Manchester 24/11/2010

The mainstream media's accounts of what happened in manchester on wednesday 24th november have been laughably inaccurate. The 3000-strong peaceful demonstration is a work of pure fiction. What follows is my personal account of what really took place.

Today we are the lions! Student protests in Italy

Student protests literally exploded all over Italy to block the approval of the new infamous Gelmini reform, which aims at privatising the university and turning it into a profit-making machine. Thousands and thousands of students have held demonstrations all over the peninsula and occupied university buildings.

"Stop the country, take back the future!" Italian students protest education reform

English-language press release from student protesters in Italy, which saw spontaneous demonstrations, university occupations, bridges, train stations and even airports blocked by students.

Student protests against cuts and fees photo gallery, November 24 2010

Photographs from the student protests against the tripling of university tuition fees and the ending of Education Maintenance Allowance funding for poor college students in the UK, November 24 2010.

Students smash Tory headquarters

A first person report of the 10 November demonstration against huge hikes in university tuition fees which ended in the occupation and vandalism of the Conservative Party offices.