Documents on the Middlesex University occupation, 1988

Writings on of the three-week occupation of MDX in 1988.


Loukanikos, the Greek anarchist dog photo gallery

Photographs of Loukanikos, "sausage", the legendary dog who has been present at nearly every outbreak of mass class struggle and social disorder in Athens in recent years. Previously reported in the Guardian newspaper, who mistakenly named him as Kanellos.

Austerity measures approved in Greece, protests continue

Greek protestor beaten.

The new measures have been voted in the Greek Parliament yesterday by a majority of 172 votes out of a total 300, these including the votes of the ruling Socialist Party (PASOK) and the extreme-right party of junta nostalgic creeps, LAOS.

The Conservative party, the Communist Party and the Radical Coalition of the Left voted against the measures. The procedure was not without surprises as 3 PASOK MPs cast a blank vote, leading to their expulsion from the Party. One of them a veteran Socialist politician and Olympic Games champion Mrs Sacorafa is refusing to hand over her seat in Parliament.

Libertarian contingent on Mayday demonstration in Havana, Cuba

Members of the Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico in Havana, Cuba joined the main Mayday march, with banners promoting grassroots organisation and an end to bureaucracy, claiming that real socialism is democracy, as well as distributing a letter. A week before the march, the collective had organised a public event, promoting the libertarian origins of Mayday. After the demonstration, some of the contingent convoked an impromptu rumba in a city centre square, as marchers stopped to dance to their African drum rhythms.

Laid-off bank workers protest in Beijing

People's Bank of China.

Hundreds of laid-off former bank employees have attended a rally in Beijing demanding better benefits. Many had outwitted police to be able to attend the protest, which was eventually attacked by police.

The participants were all former employees of China’s big five state-owned commercial banks: Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

The demonstrators gathered at around 8:30 a.m. Monday outside the headquarters of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, yelling slogans and unfurling banners.

The Battle for East Lake in Wuhan, China

Hundreds of Wuhan citizens are fighting to save the city’s East Lake Ecological Tourist Scenic Area (东湖生态旅游风景区) from plans to fill in part of the lake and develop the area commercially.

Villagers and fishery workers evicted by the development have been negotiating with the local government for compensation since December, in the face of physical assault by hired thugs.

Abahlali baseMjondolo March on Jacob Zuma photo gallery, 2010

Xavier Vahed's pictures from the Abahlali baseMjondolo march on Jacob Zuma, Human Rights Day, 22 March 2010, Durban, South Africa

Fascist anti-immigration stunt thwarted by anarchist counter-demo in Athens

The fascist anti-immigration demo called for Saturday noon at Propylea in Athens was thwarted by a massive counter-demo of anarchists and antifascists.

The racist demo against immigration had been called by the Secret Services controlled pro-junta weekly paper Stohos, various ultra-Orthodox christian groups as well as a melange of other fascist groups and parties.

Summary of the global day of protest in solidarity with FAU Berlin

Textile workers from Dhaka, Bangladesh

On january 29/30, 2010, there were protests in at least 56 cities in 20 countries against a verdict that prohibits workers in Berlin from affiliating themselves with the union of their choice. The bosses at the Babylon Mitte Cinema managed to find a court to ban the FAU Berlin workers association from calling itself a union and are now trying to get the FAU Berlin charged with fines or even imprisoned. The is a month-long labor dispute between the FAU shop-floor and the management. More information about the conflict can be found at the FAU German language special section and our English language special section.

We received reports about protests at Aachen (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Bonn (Germany), Darmstadt (Germany), Duisburg (Germany), Düsseldorf (Germany), Frankfurt/M (Germany), Fukuoka (Japan), Halle/Saale (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Hannover (Germany), Karlsruhe (Germany), Kassel (Germany), Kiel (Germany), Leipzig (Germany), Moers (Germany), Münster (Germany), Nürnberg (Germany), Recklinghausen

Russian anarchists back arrested anti-war soldier at British embassy

Russian anarchists illustrated a growing international awareness of the case of arrested anti-war soldier Joe Glention on January 15 by picketing in solidarity outside the British embassy in Moscow.

Activists from the Autonomous Action, which is active in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, were aiming to gather support for Joe Glenton under the banner "It's better to be deserter, than to be killer."