Solidarity walkout by France telecom workers

Workers spontaneously walked out today in solidarity with a colleague who committed suicide.

There were a series of walkouts across the country today as workers showed solidarity with their dead colleagues and protested against the work pressures that lead to his death.

Mass class protest march in Salonica, riots in Athens

Thousands march in "independent class" protest march in Salonica, putting party-controlled unions to shame, while anti-police riots break out anew in Athens.

The first weekend of September in Geeece saw the bare teeth of class antagonism in defiance of the ever increasing police brutality and unaccountability.

Residents in central China clash with police over canal project

The Hong Kong Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy reported that a protest involving 3,000 people in Wuhan, capital of the central Chinese province of Hubei, against a planned canal ended in confrontation with the police. 50 people were injured and 100 arrested, their whereabouts unknown.

Events are reported as follows:

At around 0730 on the 21st of August, more than 3,000 people from the Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Company and Wuhan University, including workers, teachers, and retired personnel, began to block Zhongbei Road and Donghu Road, paralysing the traffic in the surrounding areas.

China pollution protesters storm lead smelter

The Dongling Lead and Zinc Smelting factory that poisoned hundreds.

Hundreds of Shaanxi villagers force their way into factory that poisoned more than 600 children.

Protesters on Monday 17 August broke into a smelting works responsible for poisoning hundreds of children. Trucks were smashed and fences ripped down according to state news agency Xinhua, and around 100 policemen were sent to the scene, along with the mayor of nearby Baoji city who appealed for calm.

Opposing US anti-abortionists in England - European Counter Network

Report on demonstrations against the 1993 visit of a group of US anti-abortionists to the UK.

Members of the US anti-abortion group Rescue America have been in London for a week of action with British and Irish supporters. Rescue have been at the centre of increasingly violent protests at American abortion clinics. This year there have already been 53 incidents of violence including arson, bombings, vandalism, and assaults.

Resistance to hospital closures grows - European Counter Network

Report on several November 1992 demonstrations and a ward occupation by nurses, against proposed hospital closures.

A government sponsored report on the health service in London has recommended the closure of at least four major hospitals and ten or more smaller units. If the Tomlinson report is implemented, 2500 hospital beds will be lost immediately, and 20,000 hospital workers may lose their jobs.

Demonstration against asylum bill - European Counter Network

Report on a demonstration against a proposed bill requiring fingerprinting of all asylum seekers, and removing their right to housing and appeal.

On Saturday 21st November 1992, up to 4000 people marched through central London to demonstrate against the government's Asylum Bill. The march was organised by RAHCAR (Refugees Ad-Hoc Committee for Asylum Rights), an alliance of refugee community groups in Britain.

Protests in China over pollution

Xianghe Chemical Factory poisoned the water supply, making at least 500 people sick

Authorities closed a chemical plant after local residents in central Hunan Province protested against cadmium pollution, which killed two people and affected hundreds of others, media reported on Monday, 3rd of August.

The closure follows a number of recent high profile "mass incidents" which turned violent and prompted media criticism of officials' failure to respond quickly.

Two villagers near the Xianghe Chemical Factory, which had produced zinc sulfate for six years, died in May and June. Autopsies found high levels of cadmium in their bodies, the semi-official China News Agency said.

William Blake takes on GlaxoSmithKline - Practical History

Report of a 2001 action at the Tate Britain Gallery in London, against a William Blake exhibition sponsored by the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.

On the final day (11 February 2001) of the William Blake exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery in London, 30 people gathered on the steps outside to reclaim Blake from 'the dead hand of capital, empire and state' and to denounce the corporate sponsors of the Blake exhibition, GlaxoSmithKline.

EU ro top

Leaflet distributed outside the Dutch embassy in London, to coincide with the demonstrations in Amsterdam against the 1997 Eurotop meeting of European heads of state.

Saturday June 14th saw about 50 000 people turn out in Amsterdam for the March for Social Justice. The majority of people there were protesting against the increase in unemployment and social exclusion, they wanted a socialist Europe in which all would be included. So this demonstration was seen by them as an alternative to the Eurotop - the name given to the Euro-summit.