Summary of the global day of protest in solidarity with FAU Berlin

Textile workers from Dhaka, Bangladesh

On january 29/30, 2010, there were protests in at least 56 cities in 20 countries against a verdict that prohibits workers in Berlin from affiliating themselves with the union of their choice. The bosses at the Babylon Mitte Cinema managed to find a court to ban the FAU Berlin workers association from calling itself a union and are now trying to get the FAU Berlin charged with fines or even imprisoned. The is a month-long labor dispute between the FAU shop-floor and the management. More information about the conflict can be found at the FAU German language special section and our English language special section.

Russian anarchists back arrested anti-war soldier at British embassy

Russian anarchists illustrated a growing international awareness of the case of arrested anti-war soldier Joe Glention on January 15 by picketing in solidarity outside the British embassy in Moscow.

Hospital workers fight over pay in Poland, 2007

Wildcat's account and critical evaluation of a mass protest camp of thousands of nurses, and strike by doctors, in Poland fighting for a pay increase.

Scotland anti-G8 protest report, 2005

Report from the G8-resistance in Edinburgh, July 2005, by Prol-Position.

Protest in Belgrade in Support of Six Imprisoned Comrades

A demo in solidarity with the Belgrade Six.

The battle of Bexley Square: Salford unemployed workers' demonstration - 1st October, 1931

Edmund and Ruth Frow's account of the National Unemployed Workers Movement's activities in Salford, its demonstration in 1931 against cuts in the dole, the subsequent battle with the police and aftermath.

Solidarity march in Salonica for imprisoned anarchist on trail

In the run-up to the trial of Ilias Nikolaou, the anarchist arrested last January in relation to an attack against the municipal police in Evosmos, a working class suburb of Salonica, a solidarity march took to the streets of Greece's second city.

Athens in siege: police Hq attacked, hundreds detained and many wounded

This is a first posting on the developing situation in Athens where the 36th anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising against the colonels' junta has been marked by long and sustained battles with the police during which hundreds of people have been detained. At the time of writing all central Athens is off bounds.

Iran 2009: A new attempt?

Wildcat analyse the demonstrations and riots sparked during the Iranian elections of 2009.

Belfast Anti-BNP protest confronted by fascists

Belfast anti-fascist protestors are currently engaged in a stand-off with fascists in central Belfast at a protest over the British National Party (BNP) scheduled BBC appearance.