1,000 march in solidarity with striking posties

The Belfast and District Trades Union Council along with postal workers on a two-week wildcat strike marched and rallied yesterday demanding Dignity and Fair Treatment at work.

Day of action for Iranian bus drivers: 15th Feb

A demonstration will be held tomorrow evening in support of the arrested Iranian bus drivers who've been striking since the end of last month.

Plumstead demonstration


Demonstration against the death of Nuur Saeed in Plumstead, photos by Guido. See our news coverage for more information.

Support our posties - Belfast march and rally 14th February

A march and rally is being built for Tuesday 14th of February in support of the striking posties and to demand 'Dignity And Fair Treatment In the Workplace'.

Anti church movement demonstration in Hyde Park - Karl Marx

Contemporary illustration of a riot in Hyde Park, 1866

An account by Karl Marx of a demonstration in Hyde Park, London, against a proposed ban on Sunday trading on June 24, 1855.

Police use tear gas at EU docks protest

Dockers protesting against EU plans to liberalise docks today were attacked by the police with water cannons and tear gas as they approached the European Parliament.

Irish Ferries - Thousands of workers say no to slavery on the high seas

An estimated 150,000 took part in the day of action in solidarity with Irish Ferries workers across Ireland.

1950: The Times on London Mayday

Give up activism


An important article from Do or Die issue 9 criticising the activist mentality in the direct action movement.