Clashes in Italian ports over job cuts

Italian portworkers have clashed with police in a number of protests following the announcement of sweeping job cuts.

Workers' struggles continue in 'post-revolution' Egypt

Dock workers at Port Said, Egypt.

As the reshuffling of leaders continues, Egyptian workers are still trying to push forward their own agenda.

War on the waterfront - Tom Bramble

Picket line at Melbourne's Swanston Dock, on April 20, 1998. (Wikipedia: Takver)

A pamphlet written by a participant in the Brisbane Defend Our Unions Committee on the 1998 waterfront dispute between Patrick Stevedores and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), the most significant industrial dispute in Australia of the 1990s and one of the most important since the 1960s.

Australia: Wharfies strike over conditions at Patrick Stevedores

Fremantle port where workers have gone on strike

Maritime Union of Australia members in Patrick Stevedoring facilities at Fremantle, Albany, Melbourne's Webb Dock, and Geelong have voted overwhelmingly to take protected action after a secret ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Longshoremen solidarity strike shuts down Port of New York and New Jersey

Flying pickets have hit the Port of New York and New Jersey as Philadelphia longshore workers spread the dispute north. The following two stories cover the struggle of the workers who are defying a court injunction to respect the pickets.

Israeli ship blockaded in San Francisco, dockworkers refuse to cross picket

To oppose the Israeli state's recent attack on a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Palestine, community and labor activists have successfully prevented the unloading of an Israel ship at the Port of San Francisco. The city's dockworkers--long known for their militancy--refused to cross the picket lines.

Indefinite Transport Workers' Strike in South Africa

Transport workers in South Africa have been on strike since the 10th of May. Major South African exports, including fruit, metals and wine have sat idle in warehouses following the walkouts of railway and port workers.

Workers end protest at Surigao City Port, Phillipines

Surigao City Port.

Operations at the port of Surigao City has returned to normal after protesting workers entered into a compromise with the management on Friday (23rd).

Shipping traffic halted by wildcat strike in Finland

Helsinki docks

More than half of Finland's freight traffic was brought to a standstill on Tuesday 2 February by a wildcat strike by 1000 stevedores in seven ports.