Shipyard workers clash with police in Athens

Shipyard workers clashed with police forces in Athens after the workers blocked the exit of the minister of Labour from his ministry following inconclusive negotiations.

Peiraeus dockworkers strike strong despite political and international pressure

The strike of 1.500 dockworkers holds strong in Peiraeus despite rising political pressure from the Socialist government and the Chinese Embassy.

Peiraeus blocked as dockworkers strike against privatisation enters 12th day

Peiraeus, the central commercial harbour of Greece remains blocked as dockworkers decided to continue their strike against privatisation by another 48h. More than 215.000 tons of merchandise is stocking up in the harbour while 12.000 containers remain in boats waiting to be unloaded.

Croatia: Solidarity with shipyard workers!

Call for solidarity with Croatian shipyard workers by Croatian anarchosyndicalist group MASA.

On burning and building bridges: contradictions in the movement around the Liverpool dock strike

Leaflet handed out at a demonstration of striking Liverpool dockers, in April 1997.

Strike! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced for the 1989 Tillbury strike of dockers in defence of conditions codified in the Dock Labour Scheme. This struggle was ultimately defeated.

1980: Poland mass strikes - Henri Simon

Strike in the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk. 1980. Photo by T. Michalak.

Henri Simon's account of the successful strike wave which swept Poland in the summer of 1980 when the government raised the price of meat.

Struggles in the Spanish shipyards re-ignite - reports from September and October 2004

This is a blow by blow account of the shipyard workers revolt in Spain in the Autumn of 2004. The revolt was in response to the Spanish state declaring that half the shipyards were to be privatised.

Puerto Real in flames-Industrial action at shipyards in Spain, February & March 2004

This is a series of on the spot action reports, from the strike in the Puerto Real (Cadiz) shipyards in early 2004, Which erupted into fierce fighting with the police and spread to other industries with wide spread support and involvement of the local community.

Those who defend their rights: they do not make violence- Interview with a member of the union branch of CNT in the Shipyard of Seville

This an interview with a CNT member working in the shipyard of Seville in March 2004. At a time when there was an attempt to close many of the shipyards in Spain, which met fierce resistance from the workers and thier local communities.