Puerto Real in flames-Industrial action at shipyards in Spain, February & March 2004

This is a series of on the spot action reports, from the strike in the Puerto Real (Cadiz) shipyards in early 2004, Which erupted into fierce fighting with the police and spread to other industries with wide spread support and involvement of the local community.

IZAR - Spanish shipyards

Report - February 18th 2004

Those who defend their rights: they do not make violence- Interview with a member of the union branch of CNT in the Shipyard of Seville

This an interview with a CNT member working in the shipyard of Seville in March 2004. At a time when there was an attempt to close many of the shipyards in Spain, which met fierce resistance from the workers and thier local communities.

- P: Can you tell us who you are?

- R: I am a worker of the auxiliary industry of the shipyard of Seville, although to talk about it as an auxiliary industry doesn’t seem right to me when we are responsible for 80% of ship production. I am also a member of the CNT union branch in the shipyard. In this interview I am expressing my own opinion, I am not acting as a spokesman.

Liverpool dockers strike photo gallery, 1995

Photographs from the Mersey docks dispute of 1995-6.

Dover port workers to resume strike action this Thursday

Workers at Dover port are to launch a three day strike from Thursday.

Hundreds of workers employed by the Dover Harbour Board (DHB) are to take strike action against plans to outsource their jobs. The ballot organised by Unite saw 83.5% of votes returned in support.

Angolan dockers set to strike over wages

Workers at Angola's second biggest port of Lobito have scheduled a strike for Saturday to protest against low wages.

More than 2,000 workers want their salaries increased to $800 a month from as low as $240. Head of the workers union, Manuel Sa said the strike would go on indefinitely until workers could negotiate directly with the country's minister of transportation.

1970-71: Uprising in Poland

A short history of the 1970-71 uprising by workers in Poland which saw strikes and occupations at workplaces across the country. Although suffering savage repression, the uprising forced the government to back down over plans to increase prices of basic consumer goods.

On the morning of December 14 1970, thousands of workers from the Gdansk shipyards downed tools and began marching into the city. Their objective was the local regional office of the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR), the party that had ruled the People's Republic of Poland since 1952. The protestors were met by police units and fighting between the two sides lasted into the evening.

General strike over prices brings Belgium to a halt

A nationwide strike against rising prices disrupted transport, retailing and manufacturing across Belgium on Monday.

High-speed international rail services in and out of the country to France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands were cancelled and picketing disrupted the port of Antwerp.

Workers were protesting in advance of the government's 2009 budget to demand action on inflation and the rising cost of living.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real: From shipyard resistance to community control

Striking shipyard workers fight with police, Puerto Real 1987

An account of resistance to shipyard closures in Puerto Real, Spain, that lead to community wide involvement, with the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT playing both a prominent and decisive role.

Strike in the docks of Constanta in Romania, 2008

An account and analysis of the largely successful strike of Romanian dockers over pay and shift working in 2008.

DP World - Europe 's Eastern gateway blocked:
Strike in the docks of Constanta

Water transport workers in Bangladesh in national wildcat

After around 38 hours, passenger vessels resumed services in Bangladesh on Saturday 12 June as water transport workers partially called off their countrywide wildcat strike demanding higher wages.

The workers stopped working at midnight Thursday, calling for increased wages in keeping with the current prices of essentials and cost of living.