There’s no justice, just us! Subversion

The March for Social Justice in London, supporting the Liverpool Dockers, saw another explosion of violence against the police. In opposition to those who say the rioters 'spoilt things', we published There’s No Justice, Just Us!. From Subversion #22 (1997)

Reclaiming the future

The same correspondents report of events of the weekend of 28 - 30th September 1996, which saw Reclaim the Streets activists going to Liverpool to support the dockers. From Subversion #20 (1996)

Dockers lockout

Article written by a communist in Liverpool active in supporting the Merseyside Dockers in their struggle against the MDHC in 1995.

1889: The Glasgow dockers' go-slow

London dockers demonstrate, 1889

A brief history of the strike of Glasgow dockers in 1889 which was proving fruitless, until they returned to work and began a go-slow or "working ca'canny".

2005: Bank clerks and dockers on month-long strikes in Greece

A brief account of bank and dock workers strikes in Greece in 2005 by TPTG.

Capital moves: transport and logistics

An analysis of the global transport and distribution industry, particularly with respect to the advent of "just-in-time" delivery and the implications for the working class.

The Seattle general strike of 1919

Seattle shipyards: the strike begins

The detailed official history of the strike, in which the city was taken over by the workers, by the History Committee of the General Strike Committee, March 1919 with a preface from Root and Branch in 1972.

Peiraeus dockworkers on new 48h strike

Dockworkers in Peiraeus defy political pressure by extending their strike for another 48h.

Peiraeus dockworkers resume strikes

Peiraeus dockworkers have resumed striking against the sell out of the largest pier of Greece's main harbour to COSCO after negotiations collapse.

Shipyard workers clash with police in Athens

Shipyard workers clashed with police forces in Athens after the workers blocked the exit of the minister of Labour from his ministry following inconclusive negotiations.