Protests due after police raid Thomas Cook occupation in Dublin


Protests have been called at short notice in Dublin and Belfast after 28 workers occupying Thomas Cook offices in Dublin's Grafton Street fighting jobs cuts were arrested this morning.

Thomas Cook outlets in Dublin occupied against closure

Thomas Cook workers demonstrate against closure in Dublin in July

On Friday 31 July Thomas Cook managers and security went to close down shops in Dublin at 10 a.m. Staff in two of the outlets then occupied their workplaces in response.

Bus worker wildcats spread across Dublin north

The wildcat strike action taken by Dublin Bus drivers has spread to four new garages as the dispute enters its third day.

Shannon air traffic controllers wildcat

Air traffic controllers at Shannon Airport were on wildcat strike for two hours this evening as part of a long running dispute.

Air traffic controllers on unofficial overtime ban

Thirty two flights were delayed at Dublin airport last night due to an unofficial overtime ban by air traffic controllers.

The story of the Irish Citizen Army, 1913-1916 - Sean O'Casey

James Connolly & Liberty Hall - woodcut by Harry Kernoff

An important document of Irish labour history, freely available online for the first time here, O'Casey's book tells the history of the formation of the Irish Citizen Army in 1913.

Dublin: Wildcat strike in Musgrave warehouse

On 27th of April a spontaneous wildcat strike broke out in Musgrave warehouses in Dublin.

1993-1996: The Dublin fight against water charges

A short history of the successful direct action campaign of non-payment which prevented the imposition of charges for water in Dublin, Ireland.

Dealing with the nightmare; Dublin Anti-Drugs Campaigns

The lessons of the bin tax struggle