Ontario: Unofficial strike could begin Monday

Public sector workers are set to walk off the job as early as Monday night, an illegal strike that would cripple government services in the province. The action is in response to a Bill which would break up workers' pension schemes.

Bosses' hypocrisy on public sector pensions

As 1.5 million workers gear up to strike over pensions, Iain MacKay reports on the hypocrisy of blaming public workers for company pension-gouging

Glasgow mums' school sit-in

In Glasgow on Friday, a sit-in protest was organised by mums at Carnwadric Primary school to protest against its closure.

Virgin Islands sports coach wildcat gets results

School sports coaches in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean have ended their four month long wildcat strike.

India: Manipur state shut down by general strike

Routine life came to a standstill in Manipur following a 16-hour "lightning general strike" called by three students' organisations.

1.5 million may strike over pensions

Workers in nine different unions are to be balloted for strike action over Whitehall plans to alter the local government pensions scheme.

£5bn city academies among worst schools

Half of the government's city academy schools are among the "worst performing schools" in Britain.

Yorkshire teachers on strike over new roles

Teachers at a school in West Yorkshire are on strike today in a dispute about new staffing structures.

Racism, free speech and the college campus

As has been the case every year for as long as I can recall, an American college campus is once again embroiled in controversy over the expression of racism in its hallowed halls, and what it may seek to do in response.