Maoists win the election in Nepal

Nepali Maoist flags

The Maoist party - former guerrillas CPN(M) - have won a clear majority in last week's elections. But what changes will this mean for Nepal's workers and peasants?

Venezuela: on the dark side of the moon

Chavez supporters after election victory

The editorial group of El Libertario, newspaper of CRA, Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas from Venezuela, reflect on the prospects for the country after the seemingly indisputable electoral victory of Hugo Chavez.

Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

Editorial of El Libertario #51 (November 2007) putting forward a libertarian position on the Consitutional Reform the regime attempts to impose.

The 'No Land, No House, No Vote' campaign still on for 2009

Article restating Abahlali baseMjondolo's anti-statist, anti-electoral politics seen as more or less treasonable by the state and 'ignorant' by the NGO left, some of whom suggested that Abahlali militants should be given 'voter education' so that they could be taught to 'understand democracy'.

We are the restless majority - S'bu Zikode

S'bu Zikode's article after Abahlali baseMjondolo's successful anti-electoral campaign in 2006.

Nicolas Sarkozy: A mandate for class war

Conservative politician Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French Presidential election ...

The Dawning of a New Era

An article reflecting on the Labour Party's 1997 election victory, it's consequences and leftist illusions in them as a working-class party.

Vitrolles - the logic of the ballot box

Introduction: Why an Everyday manifesto?

We outline why we believe that political parties and governments cannot be used to improve our lives, and why we think that the only way meaningful change can occur is if we as ordinary people get together at the grassroots and make them happen.