Igniting a revolution: Voices in defence of the earth

Whether you're drawn by frustration with environmental strategies that, to date, have been ineffective against this growing ecological crisis, or simply by curiosity, Igniting a Revolution offers a fascinating and compelling look at the emerging movement of revolutionary environmentalism.

Frack off you frackers

In light of the government’s decision last week, to ‘green light’ the practice of onshore gas drilling (fracking) here is my brief ‘non-expert’ look at the issues.

Permanent general workers’ assembly in Ilva after the lockout of their plant

The Italian judiciary system is continuing its prosecution of the management of Ilva, the largest steel corporation in Europe, which has its main factory in Taranto. On Monday November 26th the judges ordered seven arrests (4 of which were house arrests) of key managers within the corporation.

Dispatches from hurricaned NY: Morning in Manhattan

One of a series of blogs from Cindy Milstein on living through the hurricane. While power is out and tanks roll in, somehow people are still making it in to work...

Refuse the false choice “health or jobs”, fight for a guaranteed income! - The example of ILVA in Taranto

'Yes' to rights, 'No' to blackmail; occupation, health, income, environment.

Leaflet from Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu arguing against the dichotomy of jobs or the environment in relation to steelworks in Italy being shut down for excessive pollution.

Campaigners shut down UK’s newest gas plant

The following is a press release from the 'No Dash For Gas' campaign', following their occupation four days ago of the West Burton gas plant in Nottinghamshire. There are currently several activists on top of 300ft high chimneys and cooling towers.

There’s no such thing as a natural disaster - Neil Smith

There’s no such thing as a natural disaster - Neil Smith

Written in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Neil Smith argues 'natural disasters' are in every aspect social disasters, reflecting contours of class and race.

Gasland (Documentary)

Its happening all across America - rural landowners waking up to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property. The reason? The company hopes to tap into a reservoir dubbed the ""Saudi Arabia of natural gas."" Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground - a hydraulic drilling process called ""fracking""- and suddenly America finds itself on the precipice of becoming an energy superpower.

Taranto community refuses false choice “health vs jobs”: an example to follow

Residents and workers - against blackmail and tumours!

A "committee of free thinking residents and workers" is demanding that the bosses pay to clean up Italy's biggest steelworks, rather than close it down

The refusal of work - Workers Committee of Porto Marghera

Petrolchimico plant

This text was published by Italian chemical workers in the “Comitato operaio di Porto Marghera”, in Quaderni dell'or-ganizzazione operaia, no. 1, 1970, in duplicated format.