ethical consumerism

Self-management of misery or the miseries of self-management - Terra Cremada

A critical look at co-ops, worker-owned and collective businesses, ethical banking, the entrepreneurial spirit, competition, and “independent” contract work and the limitations of the concept and practice of self-management in the context of the totalitarian logic of capitalist society.

Self-management of Misery or the Miseries of Self-management – Terra Cremada

Boycotting Amazon is boycotting UKUncut! - Or why a thin understanding of post-Fordist capitalism fails

An excellent, friendly critique of UK Uncut's call to boycott Amazon, from By Strategy.

There are currently circulating calls for a boycott of Amazon this holiday season called by UKUncut and [url=

Ethical consumerism. Well?

A few thoughts and a little game to see whether we really can buy our way to a better world...

A little while ago the question of boycott politics came up on the libcom forums, where one of the arguments for them is that they allow us to be ethical consumers and move firms towards better behaviour, or at least not help them to act poorly. A small but worthy effort.