Falklands war

Direct Action #10 (1982)

Issue #10 of Direct Action, with articles on asbestos, the police, union notes, Militant (now the Socialist Party), the formation of a new anti-militarist network, Arthur Scargill, the principles of revolutionary syndicalism, nuclear weapons in the Falklands, DAM support for a hospital workers' dispute, the Spartacist League, a plug for the French anarchist Radio Libertaire and the newly-launched US publication Ideas & Action, and more.

Direct Action #09 (1982)

Issue #9 of Direct Action, with articles on CND, Bakunin on Marxism, the latest far-right developments, a Leeds DAM member arrested during the Bradford 12 trial, commando-style raids against workplace occupations in France, a review of the "We Want to Riot not to Work" pamphlet, the Catholic Church officially excommunicating anarchists, Poland and Solidarnosc, anti-terror legislation being used against trade unionists, French anarchists being excluded from an amnesty for political prisoners, life in "socialist Lambeth", Israeli anarchism, the Dutch squatters movement and more.

The Falklands farce

A number of Freedom articles published in the lead up to and during the Falklands War. Taken from The State Is Your Enemy: Selections From Freedom 1965-86.

Militant on the Falklands War, 1982

Extract from an article by Militant (now the Socialist Party) demonstrating their support for Britain in the Falklands War.