Thalmann, Clara, 1910-1987

Portrait of Clara Thalmann from a photo taken in 1953.

A biography of Swiss anarchist Clara Thalmann, who travelled to Spain to fight in the Durruti Column in the Civil War.

BNP leader resigns amid assassinations claim

Earlier this year, Tony Lecomber, the BNP's second most senior member resigned following rumours that he had approached a Liverpool BNP member to get him to carry out assassinations.

BPP organiser arrested

The South Wales Organiser for fascist group the British People's Party has been arrested and charged with 'incitement to racial hatred'.

The BNP's twelve worst councillors

BNP councillors have been elected on the promise to be different. Criticising the ‘old gang’, the BNP has benefited from being considered a “new” party. However, the shine appears to be already slipping from their political machine.

Swedish syndicalist postmen black extreme right-wing propaganda

On Monday the 27th of March the postal workers syndicate of the Stockholm area, affiliated to anarcho-syndicalist union the SAC, refused to deliver extreme right-wing propaganda from the party Nationaldemokraterna - the National Democrats.

Former BNP councillor jailed for violent disorder

Luke Smith

Five football hooligans, including former BNP councillor Luke Smith, have been jailed after going on the rampage in Manchester at a World Cup qualifying match.

University of Mirail: press communiqués

The students of the University of Mirail have decided to increase their activity against the CPE and CNE by blockading the university.

Fascists approach the Sorbonne

Fascists are outside the Sorbonne University and a call has been put out for support to oppose them.

Violence against demonstrations in France

Police units attack anti-CPE demonstration and anarchists are arrested as repression against the movement steps up.