White Rose - Leaflet 3

The third leaflet of the German anti-Nazi group the White Rose, produced at some point between 1942 and early 1943.

The Workers' Opposition in Nazi Germany - Tim Mason

German workers, 1920s.

Tim Mason on resistance to the Nazis from the German working class.

The council communists between the New Deal and fascism - Gabriella M. Bonacchi

A history by Gabriella M. Bonacchi of council communist efforts in the US in the 1930s.

Fiaschi, Goliardo, 1930-2000

Goliardo Fiaschi

A biography of Italian anarchist and anti-fascist partisan and book seller Goliardo Fiaschi.

Mastrodicasa, Leonida, 1888-1942

Leonida Mastrodicasa

A short biography of Italian anarchist metal worker, Spanish Civil War and French Resistance fighter Leonida Mastrodicasa, who died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942.

Persici, Celso, 1895-1988

Celso Persici.

A short biography of Italian anarchist bricklayer Celso Persici, who fought fascism across Europe and in Morocco, by his son.

Piñol, Juan Brell, 1908-1976+

Anarchist militia, 1936

Biographical information about Spanish anarchist woodworker and Civil War and Resistance fighter and later pensioners' advocate Juan Brell Piñol.

Fascists and police routed: the battle of Cable Street - Reg Weston

Anti-fascists and locals on the barricades

Cable Street - October 4th 1936 - an eyewitness account by Reg Weston, Higham resident and life-time member of the National Union of Journalists .

Portugal: the impossible revolution? - Phil Mailer

Phil Mailer of Solidarity's excellent history and analysis of the Portuguese Revolution from 1974-1976.