Sorbonne latest: riot

Fighting breaks out as fascists and riot police attack anti-CPE youths.

Toulouse: extreme right confront anti-CPE blockade

University authorities and fascists challenge blockade

We reported a story this afternoon of far right fascists attacking an anti-CPE campus blockade. This has since been disputed by those who were on the ground. This is an account of what we now believe to have happened.

Anti-CPE youths confront fascists in Paris riot

Members of French fascist party Front Nationale attacked anti-casualisation demonstrators in Paris.

Why ex-Kings are a Danger

Cooper, Thomas Heller - Britain's Own War Criminal

British free corps recruitment poster

The story of the British Free Corps, the British SS unit, and one of its key figures Thomas Heller Cooper.

The Emperor's Legions - A History of Japan's Right Wing

Anti-gay Muslim forced out by protests

A gay rights group are claming victory after anti-gay Muslim leader pulled out from speaking at a anti-fascist conference after gay protests.

Pasotti, Giuseppe, 1888-1951


A short biography of Italian anarchist, Giuseppe Pasotti, who ran a network to smuggle militants and materials into Spain during the Civil War.

Tronchet, Lucien, 1902-1981

Lucien Tronchet

A short biography of Swiss building worker, labour organiser and anarcho-syndicalist Lucien Tronchet.

British nazi leader hospitalised

Eddy Morrison, leader of the fascist British People's Party was attacked and hospitalised today in Leeds as local people opposed to race hatred disrupted a meeting of the group.