Charge of the New Red Brigade - The Independent on Red Action

Article from The Independent on Sunday about socialist group Red Action, anti-fascism, the IRA and the bombings of Harrods and a Network Southeast train in 1993.

Tejada, Macario, 1913-1967+

Biographical information about Spanish soldier, anarchist and Civil War fighter Macario Tejada.

BNP paedophile jailed

A former soldier and election candidate for the fascist British National Party in the Midlands has been jailed for 15 months after sending obscene images involving children to others.

BNP 'arsonist' in court

A prominent member of the right-wing group the British National Party has appeared before a Lincoln court charged with multiple counts of arson and criminal damage.

White Rose documents

Hans Scholl (left), Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst, leaders of the White Ros

All the leaflets published by the White Rose group of anti-fascists in Germany, including other documents and texts related to the group.

Interview with an Edelweiss Pirate - Walter Mayer

Edelweiss Pirates in Cologne.

Transcript of a short interview with Walter Mayer, a member of the German youth anti-Nazi organisation, the Edelweiss Pirates.

Capitalism at Work : The Bombing of Dresden - February 1945

1939-1945: Anarchist activity in France during World War II

Patchy historical information about the activity of some anarchists - revolutionary and pacifist - in France during World War II and under occupation.</

Di Canio in fascist salute ban

Paolo Di Canio has been banned for one game and fined £7,000 by the Italian FA for making a fascist salute.