The jungle - Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair's undercover journalism cum novel about the conditions of America's meat packing industry and the effect it had on those that worked it.

Player piano - Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut's first novel about a permanantly unemployed working class, dispossessed by mangerial engineers and automation.

Review: Peace, love & petrol bombs - DD Johnston

Steven Johns reviews DD Johnston's debut novel about revolutionary fast food workers, published by AK Press.

Poulaille, Henry (1896-1980)

Henry Poulaille

A short biography of the anarchist writer Henry Poulaille, champion of Proletarian Literature.

The dispossessed

Full online text, as well as epub and mobi files, of Ursula Le Guin's anarchist sci-fi classic The Dispossessed.


Fiction for Processed World.

High cost of sleep

Fiction by Greg Evans.

Fast learner

Fiction by RL Tripp.

Death of a nation

Fiction about the collapse of American capitalist society by Adam Cornford.

Virtual Hell: Interfacial Futures

Fiction by Chris Carlsson.