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Gone, Baby, Gone, directed by Ben Affleck (2007)

Tom Jennings is relieved that Ben Affleck’s first film as director, the thought-provoking Gone, Baby, Gone, avoids the ham sentimentality of much of his acting

Craven New World. Film review - Tom Jennings

Polly II: A Plan For Revolution in Docklands

A comparison of UK near-future nightmares, including Taking Liberties, Faceless, Children Of Men, The Last Enemy, Exodus and Polly II: A Plan For Revolution in Docklands.

Projectile debating

This post is coming a little later than would be usual, as I just took my first proper (non-anarchist-related) break in what seems like ages after Projectile finished and only just got back from it.

Lust, Caution, directed by Ang Lee, 2007. Film review – Tom Jennings

Review of Ang Lee’s Chinese wartime espionage drama, the follow-up to Brokeback Mountain.

Sicko, dir. Michael Moore, 2007 Film review – Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings’ review of Michael Moore’s new documentary tragi-comedy on the American health (dis)service

Taking Liberties, written and directed by Chris Atkins, 2007. Film review - Tom Jennings

Reviews this documentary lambasting Labour's assault on freedom.

The Yes Men, dirs. Dan Ollman, Sarah Price, Chris Smith, 2004. Film review

Review of the documentary about the corporate lampooners

Vera Drake, dir. Mike Leigh, 2004. Film review – Tom Jennings

Vera Drake vividly portrays the paradoxes of backstreet abortion without passing judgement.

A History of Violence, dir. David Cronenberg, 2005. Film review

Tom Jennings applauds the success of A History of Violence in linking the attractions of action cinema to ideologies of control and conquest by force.