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Super Size My Pay - Fast food workers in New Zealand organise for better pay and conditions, 2005-6

Super-size my pay!

In New Zealand, hundreds of fast food workers waged an innovative campaign called Super-Size My Pay during 2005-06. This is one worker's overview and analysis of the campaign.

Direct action victory on health and safety at Starbucks, 2006

Making work safer through direct action - Daniel Gross and Joe Tessone recount the actions of workers winning a small but significant victory on health and safety at a Chicago Starbucks outlet in 2006.

Ireland: Domino's drivers on strike

Workers at the Tallaght branch of Domino's Pizza went on strike Friday night over wages.

Strike at McDonalds, Paris, August 2004

About the Frog Pubs strike, 2003

Detailed article about the struggle of Sri Lankan Tamil migrant workers in Paris against British pub chain Frog.

Irish stew: Experiences of a waitress in Germany, 2002

Being a McWorker in Germany, 2002

One worker's account of being a McDonalds employee in Germany, with information about the workforce, the atmosphere and issues facing the workers.

Strike at Gate Gourmet in Düsseldorf, 2005

Workers' struggle at Gate Gourmet is getting harder