food service

Strike at McDonalds, Paris, August 2004

About the Frog Pubs strike, 2003

Detailed article about the struggle of Sri Lankan Tamil migrant workers in Paris against British pub chain Frog.

Irish stew: Experiences of a waitress in Germany, 2002

Being a McWorker in Germany, 2002

One worker's account of being a McDonalds employee in Germany, with information about the workforce, the atmosphere and issues facing the workers.

Strike at Gate Gourmet in Düsseldorf, 2005

Workers' struggle at Gate Gourmet is getting harder

Abolish restaurants: A worker's critique of the food service industry

Abolish Restaurants is a beautifully illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it.

2004: Granada coffee house strike

The history of a small strike at coffee shop in Spain, with the involvement of two different groups of anarchists, and ended largely in failure, albeit with some very minor concessions won.

2003: Frog pubs strike

A Frog Pub chain worker

An account of a strike of mostly Sri Lankan workers, aided by outside militants, at a British-owned pub chain in France, which won some concessions for the workers.