food service

2003: Frog pubs strike

A Frog Pub chain worker

An account of a strike of mostly Sri Lankan workers, aided by outside militants, at a British-owned pub chain in France, which won some concessions for the workers.

IWW pickets Edinburgh Starbucks

Members of the IWW picketed a Starbucks in Edinburgh yesterday. A short report of the picket follows.

McRevolution! Who are the shadowy burger flippers plotting to bring down McDonalds? - Loaded

Article about MWR which appeared in men's magazine Loaded in March 2002, which was written following this interview with the group.

Having a nice day: the McDonalds Workers Resistance - Face magazine, 2001

Article about MWR which appeared in style magazine Face in May 2001, which was written following this interview with the group.

Interview with McDonalds Workers Resistance - Face magazine, 2000

Full transcript on an informative and amusing interview carried out between the Face style magazine and members of McDonalds Workers Resistance. This article was subsequently published.

Dinner ladies may strike

A group of dinner ladies based in Hackney who claim they are being underpaid are threatening strike action.

Barred pub regulars fight back in Somers Town

Regulars barred from the Somers Town Coffee House in Chalton Street near Kings Cross, are demanding to be re-admitted to their local pub.

Lend a hand: Starbucks engaging in religious persecution of IWW barista

For the second time in as many months, Starbucks management has kicked Starbucks Workers Union member Suley Ayala out of the workplace for wearing her modest Pentagram necklace.

Workers at third US Starbucks go union

In New York City at the end of last year Starbucks baristas and supporters wearing union pins and hats surrounded the store manager at the Union Square location in Manhattan tonight to announce their membership in the IWW Starbucks Workers Union.

First starbucks strike in the world!

It was bound to happen eventually -- and it happened today in New Zealand. Low-paid Starbucks workers walked off the job and formed a picket line.