Solidarity motor bulletin #01: Ford struggle 73

Solidarity motor bulletin about workers' struggles at Ford across Europe and Australia in 1973.

What happened at Fords - Ken Weller and Ernie Stanton

Solidarity pamphlet 26 containing three articles about the defeat of the workers in a dispute at the Ford Dagenham plant in 1962, and what workers can learn from it.

Finally got the news

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Documentary about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a radical black workers' group based in the car factories of Detroit. Through interviews with members, supporters and opponents as well as footage of leafleting and picket lines, the film documents their attempts to build a radical black workers' organisation to take on both management and the union and fight to improve conditions for all workers, black and white.

The battle of the overpass - Jenny Nolan

An article from The Detroit News describing a 1937 incident in which UAW organizers, in their attempts to leaflet at a factory in the Detroit area, were beat by Ford guards.

Car industry disputes, 2005

Short roundups of various workers' struggles in the global automobile industry by Prol-Position in 2005.

Report and reflections on the UK Ford-Visteon dispute 2009: a post-Fordist struggle

A detailed account and analysis of the struggle of Ford-Visteon car manufacturing workers who occupied and picketed their plants after being sacked when their employers declared themselves bankrupt.

Visteon workers reject "insulting" offer

Sacked workers of car parts firm Visteon taking part in pickets and occupations against job cuts have rejected an "insulting" cash offer from bosses.

Report from the Belfast Visteon occupation

Interesting article with background information about the occupation of the West Belfast Ford Visteon plant, and how Ford ran it down.

Belfast: Hundreds rally in support of Visteon workers occupation

A report and audio recordings of the rally of hundreds of supporters of the Ford Visteon workers occupying their plant against their redundancies with no pay.

Enfield Ford Visteon occupation ends with no conclusion...

Some critical comments from a supporter on the ending of the Enfield Visteon occupation, which was recommended by the Unite union, despite there being no clear offer to the workers on the table.