France 1968

Pond Hopping

tale of exile by frog

The Ideology and Practice of Contestation seen through Recent Events in France - Richard Gombin

Richard Gombin writes on class struggle and the libertarian movement in France in the aftermath of 1968.

May-June 1968 - A Situation Lacking in Workers' Autonomy

Mouvement Communiste's detailed history and analysis of the movement of May-June 1968 in France.

Parisian Metallurgists in May 1968 - Michael Seidman

Down with infernal work rhythms - May 1968 poster

Michael Seidman shows how workers acted differently from the way they are usually portrayed in leftist and anarchist accounts of May 1968.

General Strike: France 1968 - A factory by factory account

Sud Aviation workers occupation, 1968

Andre Hoyles analyses the development, organisation and end of the mass strike in France, 1968, with reference to case studies of particular factories.

Slogans of 68

"Its is forbidden to forbid!"

Slogans of the May 1968 revolt in France. These first appeared mainly on the walls of Paris during May and then spread internationally.

Fred Vermorel in Paris, May 1968

Punk entrepreneur - Westwood

An entertaining and atmospheric account of May 68 from street level, alongside amusing correspondence betweed Fred and the libcom group.

Marti, Vicente, 1926-2006

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Vicente Marti who fought in the resistance to Franco and was involved in the anarchist movement in France.

1968: a chronology of events in France and internationally

Paris 68 barricade

A brief chronology of the events which swept France in May and June 1968. Starting as a student revolt, the events culminated in mass workplace occupations and a general strike of 10 million workers. Followed by a short international chronology.

May 1968 Documents - Situationist International

Documents produced by the Situationist International or groups the Situationists were involved with during the mass strike and revolt of the glorious May 1968 in France.