France 1968

Citroen Action Committee - I

Citroen plant occupied by its workers

A short account of the Citroen Action Committee in the May 68 uprising, by Fredy Perlman.

Worker-student action committees, France May '68 - Roger Gregoire and Fredy Perlman

Students and workers demonstrate in May 68

An in-depth look at the worker-student action committees in the uprising of France May '68.

The mass strike in France May-June 1968 - ICO


Text on the mass strike in France in 1968 written by Informations et Correspondance Ouvrieres (ICO) and published in English as Root & Branch Pamphlet 3.

Paris: May 1968 - Maurice Brinton's diary

Paris '68

A vivid and exciting eyewitness diary by Maurice Brinton (the writing pseudonym of Chris Pallis) of Solidarity on the events in Paris in May 1968.

Eclipse and re-emergence of the communist movement - Gilles Dauvé and François Martin

France, 1968.

A book by François Martin and "Jean Barrot" (aka Gilles Dauvé), influential since the 1970s among the English-speaking ultra-left. The themes include the refusal of work, the legacy of left communism/the ultra-left, and a restatement of revolution, as not merely a singular event, but the unleashing of a dynamic – 'communisation'.

Guerin, Daniel, 1904-1988

Daniel Guerin.

A biography of the French libertarian communist and gay liberationist intellectual, Daniel Guerin.

Lyotard, Jean-Francois, 1924-1998


A short account of academic Jean-Francois Lyotard's time as a revolutionary libertarian socialist.

Khanifar, Gerard Ali, 1950-1997

A short biography of French anarchist and Michelin worker Gerard Ali Khanifar.