1939-1945: Anarchist activity in France during World War II

Patchy historical information about the activity of some anarchists - revolutionary and pacifist - in France during World War II and under occupation.</

Citroen Action Committee - I

Citroen plant occupied by its workers

A short account of the Citroen Action Committee in the May 68 uprising, by Fredy Perlman.

Worker-student action committees, France May '68 - Roger Gregoire and Fredy Perlman

Students and workers demonstrate in May 68

An in-depth look at the worker-student action committees in the uprising of France May '68.

Preface to »From Cellatex to Moulinex»

In 1999, Lear Corporation closed its plant for seating manufacturing for Volvo PV in Bengtsfors, Dalsland. Volvo had owned the plant themselves up to 1992 when it was sold to Lear Seating.

Towards a History of Workers' Resistance to Work - Michael Seidman

"The implications of workers' resistance to work are far-reaching. The study of their reluctance to work shows that the claim by unions and political parties of the left to represent the working class is somewhat questionable. French and Spanish workers continued their traditional ways of resistance to labour in spite of calls by communists, socialists, anarchists or syndicalists for greater production.

Workers against work: labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts - Michael Seidman

Why did a revolution occur in Spain and not in France in 1936?

1million walk out against French labour reform

Over one million French workers struck and demonstrated yesterday, October 4th against planned labour reforms by the Jacques Chirac’s government.

Reclus, Jean Jacques Elisée, 1830-1905

Elisée Reclus on his balcony in 1879

A short biography of French anarchist geographer and writer, famous for his travels, Elisée Reclus.

Senez, André, 1917-1998


A short biography of French anarchist André Senez.