Senez, André, 1917-1998


A short biography of French anarchist André Senez.

Toublet, Jacques 'Jacky', 1940-2002

Jacky Toublet

A short biography of French anarcho-syndicalist print worker Jacky Toublet.

Zorkine (Vrbica), Paul, 1921-1962


A short biography of Yugoslavian anarchist-communist Paul Zorkine.

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's

An account of the French "Solidarity Collective" group. Casualised workers in Paris win several strikes, honorably lose another with combined union and extra-union, legal and illegal tactics.

About the Revolution - Jacques Camatte

From Invariance Series 2 No. 2 April 1972. This translation was made by David Brown in 1982 and was intended to be published with a translation of 'Capital and Community: The Results of the immediate Process of Production and the Economic Work of Marx' and some other texts by Camatte. This didn't happen and it had a very restricted circulation as a photocopied manuscript until the early 90's when Unpopular Books (London) produced a limited photocopy edition.

The 35 hours-week law, the french way for flexibilisation

Anti-35-hour week cartoon from the bourgeois press.

Collective Action Notes put forward their analysis of the implementation of the 35-hour week in France and the reality of it as it will affect the working class.

Intakes: Together we can create a future

The class struggles in France

Last year's social upheaval in France was one of the most significant moments in European class struggle for decades. This Editorial Introduction provides the international and historical background to our Intakes documents from the French events. We begin with the context of drives towards European integration, and then analyse the changing forms of class struggle in France in the last 50 years, including the 1986 riots, the '86-87 rail strike, the Air France rebellion in 1993, and the winter crisis of '95 itself.

The mass strike in France May-June 1968 - ICO


Text on the mass strike in France in 1968 written by Informations et Correspondance Ouvrieres (ICO) and published in English as Root & Branch Pamphlet 3.

Paris: May 1968 - Maurice Brinton's diary

Paris '68

A vivid and exciting eyewitness diary by Maurice Brinton (the writing pseudonym of Chris Pallis) of Solidarity on the events in Paris in May 1968.