Fred Thompson

The One Big Union Monthly (June 1937)

The June 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on Mexico's labor movement and a traveling delegate in the Pacific Northwest. Contributors include x372561, Paul Kolinski, x22063, Fred Thompson and Walter Pfeffer.

Speeches of Fred Thompson, 1970

Transcripts from a series of lectures by Fred Thompson given to the Canadian Student Federation in 1970.

Fellow worker: the autobiography of Fred Thompson

The autobiography of Fred W. Thompson - socialist, Wobbly, organizer, soapboxer, editor, class-war prisoner, educator, historian, and publisher. This book is an important contribution to the understanding of working-class radicalism in twentieth-century North America.

The One Big Union Monthly (March 1938)

The March 1938 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the Spanish Civil War, syndicalism in Western Europe, and Work Peoples College. Contributors include Raymond Galstad, Mortimer Downing, Joseph Wagner, T-Bone Slim, Ethel McDonald, Covington Hall, Fred Thompson and Gussie Perlman.

The One Big Union Monthly (September 1937)

The September 1937 issue of IWW journal The One Big Union Monthly, with articles by John Sershon, Covington Hall, x302661, Fred Thompson, Joseph Wagner, Pierre Besnard, Eli Hill, and Onofre Dallas.

They didn't suppress the Wobblies - Fred Thompson

An article by Fred Thompson contesting the myth that the IWW was smashed by repression during World War I.

Wobbly Fred Thompson on the 30s depression - Studs Terkel

The late Wobbly veteran, in conversation with the late Studs Terkel, looks back on his experience in the class struggle.