Projectile: The interview

Freedom newspaper caught up with a member of the collective organising Projectile, the annual anarchist film festival in Newcastle.

Barker, Ambrose, 1859-1953

Stratford, turn of the century

Short biography of East London radical secularist and anarchist, Ambrose Barker, who was active in the Socialist League, Walthamstow Anarchist Group and the London Freedom Group.

Bell, Tom, 1867-1942

Tom Bell in 1888

A short biography of leading Scottish anarchist Tom Bell, a marine engineer and propagandist who travelled the world, finally settling in the US.

Asbo your neighbours!

A member of one of London’s most experienced community action groups has hit out against the ‘hidden agenda’ of a new measure to give ASBO powers to Tenant Management Organisations.

Caution warned over security of new 'Wikileaks' website

A strong warning has been sounded by both a security expert and journalists for Freedom Anarchist Newspaper over the much-hyped 'Wikileaks' website, which claims it will provide a safe online environment for the mass leaking of sensitive or incriminating governmental materials.

2006 in focus

2006 was a year for the state to forget there was ever a public sector. Rob Ray looks into the archives of the Freedom anarchist newspaper.

A father and an anarchist

An obituary for Father Gresham Kirkby, the anarchist priest.

Fr. Gresham Kirkby, (1916-2006)

Interview with IWW UK members and Freedom, 2006

Dale Farm traveller reprieve

Hopes have been raised that Dale Farm, the largest traveller site in the UK, will gain a reprieve from eviction in the New Year.

Anarcho-syndicalism in the UK