Bell, Tom, 1867-1942

Tom Bell in 1888

A short biography of leading Scottish anarchist Tom Bell, a marine engineer and propagandist who travelled the world, finally settling in the US.

Thomas Hastie Bell was born in Edinburgh in 1867. He should not be confused with another Tom Bell, fellow Scot , Red Clydesider and one of the founders of the Communist Party. He acquired fluency in French, Italian, Spanish and German thanks to his job as a ship’s engineer, visiting all the Mediterranean countries, South Africa, the United States and South America.

Asbo your neighbours!

A member of one of London’s most experienced community action groups has hit out against the ‘hidden agenda’ of a new measure to give ASBO powers to Tenant Management Organisations.

A member of Haringey Solidarity Group, speaking to Freedom Anarchist newspaper, has condemned the government initiative as a cheap attempt to head off a growing community movement throughout the UK resentful of relentless losses of and cuts to services. He said: “. From the community angle anti-social behaviour is a real issue and it’s true it can have a disproportionately large effect.

Caution warned over security of new 'Wikileaks' website

A strong warning has been sounded by both a security expert and journalists for Freedom Anarchist Newspaper over the much-hyped 'Wikileaks' website, which claims it will provide a safe online environment for the mass leaking of sensitive or incriminating governmental materials.

The concept of ‘wiki’, online documentation which can be edited by anyone, such as the huge and growing Wikipedia website, will take a new step this month with the launch of an online document ‘leaking’ service.

2006 in focus

2006 was a year for the state to forget there was ever a public sector. Rob Ray looks into the archives of the Freedom anarchist newspaper.

A second strike in two weeks sees the RMT shut down tube stations across London as workers demand private companies running the system provide enough cover to meet fire and safety regulations, after they try to impose cuts just a few months after the attacks on 7/7.

A father and an anarchist

An obituary for Father Gresham Kirkby, the anarchist priest.

Fr. Gresham Kirkby, (1916-2006)

It can’t be often, unfortunately, that the bishop of a major country’s capital city having visited an elderly priest, feared to be dying, and then phones a past archbishop’s former chaplain, a sometime mentor of the present archbishop, to say ‘he spoke of the kingdom of God and proclaimed his undying belief in Anarchy’.

Interview with IWW UK members and Freedom, 2006

"Why I'm a wobbly" - Three members of the Industrial Workers of the World, from different political and working backgrounds, explain why they joined the IWW, and how they see their union.

Dale Farm traveller reprieve

Hopes have been raised that Dale Farm, the largest traveller site in the UK, will gain a reprieve from eviction in the New Year.

Two appeals in the area at nearby sites have led to one yard on Cranfield Road given a five-year allowance for residential use, and three other sites, on Gypsy Hill, have won four years each.

Anarcho-syndicalism in the UK

Ahead of the International Workers Association congress in Manchester, Rob Ray interviewed Rolf Petter-Larssen, Secretary of the International...

Cancerous computers

Following the clearing in 2004 of IBM in a lawsuit alleging they knew about carcinogens found in their computer chip factories, a new scientific study has been brought out confirming that workers in computer facilities have a high risk of developing cancer.

A new report published by online science journal Environmental Health ( has found that US workers in the computer manufacturing centre have a significantly greater likelihood of contracting a wide range of cancers than the rest of the population.

London's anarchist bookfair: the aftermath

Previous bookfair poster

The London anarchist bookfair is the biggest annual event for libertarians in the UK. This year was the first since one of the major organisers and founding member left, so Rob Ray interviewed one of the collective to see how they thought it went...

October 21st saw the London anarchist Bookfair take over Holloway Road for the first time since the resignation of one of its most experienced organisers.

Freedom interviewed Alex, one of the bookfair collective’s new members, who is cautiously optimistic about how it went, with decent turnouts and enough funds raised to cover costs: