It’s war in Royal Mail

Royal Mail logo

As one of the most significant workplace battles of recent years comes to the boil, Freedom talks to a postal worker about how class warfare is in the post.

Nicolas Sarkozy: A mandate for class war

Conservative politician Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French Presidential election ...

Libcom's Eye-Spy at the Anarchist Bookfair

Libcom's own version of the popular in-car children's game involving regular sights at the annual Anarchist Bookfair in London.

Asda: part of the Wal-Mart spy ring

Following an admission from US supermarket giant Wal-Mart that the company has employed some of its estimated 400 investigators to spy on groups who stand against them, enquiries by Freedom have uncovered a similar story at UK subsidiary Asda.

Private Equity: a vicious new breed?

Rob Ray looks at the recent manoeuvrings of Private Equity and asks what relevance its growth may have

Organising for resistance - Interview with an AFed activist

Freedom talks to ‘Bob’, a longstanding member of the Anarchist Federation, about UK’s main anarchist-communist group.

Mobilising educators

Greek university occupation: The education sector has recently become an important arena of struggle both in the UK and abroad

A conference on education could bring together three out of the four major class struggle federations in the UK under one house this June, to discuss plans for organising across the UK.

Projectile: The interview

Freedom newspaper caught up with a member of the collective organising Projectile, the annual anarchist film festival in Newcastle.

Barker, Ambrose, 1859-1953

Stratford, turn of the century

Short biography of East London radical secularist and anarchist, Ambrose Barker, who was active in the Socialist League, Walthamstow Anarchist Group and the London Freedom Group.

Thomas Hastie Bell 1867-1942

Tom Bell in 1888

A short biography of leading Scottish anarchist Tom Bell, a marine engineer and propagandist who travelled the world, finally settling in the US.