George Caffentzis

Is Truth Enough? - George Caffentzis

Text of a talk given by American autonomist George Caffentzis on the Iraq war and the American anti-war movement.

TPTG's conversation with George Caffentzis

Interview with George Caffentzis on Zerowork, Midnight Notes, autonomist Marxism and American social movements, amongst other things.

Escape from the Law of value?

In Aufheben 3 (Summer 1994), we reviewed Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War, 1973-92, a collection of articles from the American autonomist journals Zerowork (1974-9) and Midnight Notes (1979-). We welcomed the book and the tradition which it expresses; in asserting the primacy of the class struggle, the Midnight Notes collective present a vital alternative to objectivist Leninist theories of imperialism in understanding such events as the Gulf War.

Throwing away the ladder: the universities in the crisis - George Caffentzis

George Caffentzis' article on the development of class struggle in American universities since 1960.