Capitalism at Work : The Bombing of Dresden - February 1945

An Introduction to Left Communism in Germany from 1914 to 1923

Ausflug des 'Syndikalistischen Frauenbundes Groß-Berlin'

On the Origins and Early Years of Working Class Revolutionary Politics:
An Introduction to 'Left Communism' in Germany from 1914 to 1923

On the Founding of the KAPD

Detailed information, including first hand reports on the founding in 1920 of the KAPD (Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands - Communist Workers Party of Germany), written by the Communist Workers Organisation in 1998-2000, with notes.

White Rose trial sentencing transcripts

Partial transcripts of the sentencing of German anti-nazi group White Rose members Hans and Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Kurt Huber, Wilhelm Graf and other supporters of the group in 1943.

The Workers' Opposition in Nazi Germany - Tim Mason

German workers, 1920s.

Tim Mason on resistance to the Nazis from the German working class.

Mattick, Paul, 1904-1981

Paul Mattick Sr

A short biography of German council communist tool maker-turned academic Paul Mattick.

Neve, John, 1844-1896

A short biography of anarchist John Neve who was active in the workers' movements in Denmark, Belgium, England, and Germany where he died in prison.

Origins of the Movement for Workers' Councils in Germany

Pamphlet on the origins of the Movement for Workers' Councils in Germany, covering the 1918 revolution and its aftermath and activites and reactions of left and libertarian communists.

The Wilhelmshaven revolt, 1918-1919 - Ikarus

Sailors in front of the prison in Wilhelmshaven

The Wilhelmshaven Revolt - a chapter of the revolutionary movement in the German navy, 1918-1919, by 'Ikarus' - real name Ernst Schneider. Including an introduction by Dave Graham and a short bio of Schneider.