Class struggle in a German town - Wildcat

Philippsburg nuclear-power plant

Great text from 1986 looking at the class struggle in Philippsburg, Germany, from a group of temp workers who worked on the construction of the Philippsburg nuclear-power plant, amidst the antinuclear power movement.

Nazism and the working class - Sergio Bologna

Italian autonomist Sergio Bologna discusses the rise of Nazism and its relationship to the German working class.

The German crisis - Mikhail Bakunin

1870 text by Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin on the crisis in Germany.

Kirschey, Helmut, 1913-2003

Helmut Kirschey.

A short biography of Helmut Kirschey, who was probably the last surviving German anarchist to have fought with the Durruti Column in the Spanish Civil War.

Landauer, Gustav, 1870-1919

Gustav Landauer

A short biography of German revolutionary Gustav Landauer, who was killed in the crushing of the German Revolution.

Lehning, Arthur, 1899- 2000

Arthur Lehning

A century of anarchism - biography of Dutch anarchist and anti-militarist Arthur Lehning.

Einstein, Carl, 1885-1940

Carl Einstein.

A short biography of German poet, writer, art historian and anarchist combatant in the Spanish Revolution, Carl Einstein. He commited suicide in 1940 to avoid Nazi persecution.

Hoy, Senna, 1882-1914

Senna Hoy

A short biography of German Jewish anarchist and gay liberationist Senna Hoy.

Jelinek, Wilhelm 'Willi', 1889-1952

Willi Jelinek

Biographical information about Willi Jelinek, and information about the anarchist movement in post-war East Germany under Russian occupation.