Gilles Dauvé

Marx’s critique of socialist labor-money schemes and the myth of council communism’s Proudhonism - David Adam

Anton Pannekoek

In this article, David Adam takes aim at Gilles Dauvé's critique of the council communists, which has been influential in the communisation milieu.

In this world, but not of this world - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé discusses his 1972 essay Capitalism and Communism, Marxism and the state capitalist countries of the 20th century, the position of workers today.

Communisation - Troploin

An attempt to describe what Troploin means by "communisation."

Re-collecting our past - La Banquise

Street barricades - Paris 1848

A summary of historical tendencies towards communism from 1848 to 1984 - via 1917 and 1968.

On the globalisation movement - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé looks at the 'globalisation movements' of the early 21st century, their critique of capitalism and vision of revolution, in an introduction to a 2003 Swedish collection of his texts.

Capital and state - Gilles Dauvé

An extract of "The communist movement", 1972, on communism, capital and their relation to the capitalist state.

In for a storm: a crisis on the way - Troploin

2007 article on the state of global capitalism and the possibility of rupture.

Neither womyn nor patriarch - Olias

Article exploring notions of gender and sex by someone rejecting their biological sex, together with editorial comments by the Troploin collective on the historical emergence of 'gender'.

Notes on Trotsky, Pannekoek, Bordiga - Gilles Dauvé

Anton Pannekoek

Comments on the politics and contributions to revolutionary communist theory of Leon Trotsky, Anton Pannekoek and Amadeo Bordiga.