Gilles Dauvé

The continuing appeal of religion - Troploin

French left-communist journal Troploin doing exactly what they say on the tin. The social function of religion; "The quest for the supernatural does not stem from an excessive but from a limited imagination built by millenniums of exploitation and oppression: the incapacity to be free on Earth incites humans to situate freedom out of this world. Dreams and desires are displaced persons. This is the stuff religion is made of."

For a world without moral order - Gilles Dauve - Treason pamphlet

Gilles Dauve's critique of morality, in a pamphlet by Treason.

Whither the World - Gilles Dauve, Treason pamphlet

This pamphlet contains the articles "Whither the World" which was written by two communists from France Karl Nesic and Gilles Dauve in early 2002 and its sequel from September 2003, "The Call of the Void" by Nesic alone.

Correspondence between parts of the riff-raff-collective and Gilles Dauvé (aka Jean Barrot)

From Riff-Raff #7.

G., March 28, 2004
- - -
Finally I have some personal questions I'd like to ask you. This is however not to ask you for "what you can't deliver".

To work or not to work? Is that the question? - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé critically examines the idea that previous revolutions failed due to them viewing communism as being the affirmation of labour as opposed to being anti-work.

A historical failure. That could be a blunt but not too unfair summary of the communist movement 154 years after Marx's and Engels's Manifesto.

Letter on animal liberation - Gilles Dauvé

This is a letter sent by French readers to the authors of Beasts of Burden.

This pamphlet has the merit of addressing a vital question: If communism is to transform the whole of daily life, it can't leave out our relation to animals and the way we eat. Beasts of Burden forces to rethink the whole "primitivist" debate. We hope to tackle this some day.

Grey September - Gilles Dauvé, Karl Nesic and J-P Carasso

The underpaid washer-up and the overpaid white collar who both died in the World Trade Center died as footsoldiers of a system that exploited their death (treating them as heroes of free trade and the free world) as it had exploited their life. They had little time to appreciate the much vaunted security they'd bought in exchange for their submission.

"As usual, nothing will ever be the same again" (The Press)1

  • 1. This is a slightly modified and shortened version of the 1st Lettre de troploin, written by J.-P.Carasso, G.Dauve and K.Nesic, October 2001, available on the Troploin website.

The Story of our Origins

Dauve traces the emergence of the ultra-left current in the aftermath of WWI and the failure of the Russian and German Revolutions.

Translation of select passages from le roman de nos origines - La Banquise #2. A complete translation is available here.

1. From the German Left to Socialisme ou Barbarie

The "Renegade" Kautsky and his Disciple Lenin - Gilles Dauvé

Karl Kautsky

Dauvé traces the development of Lenin's ideas from Karl Kautsky and situates them within both the historical context and the Second International.

Publication Details

This article originally formed an afterword to an article by Karl Kautsky "Les trois sources du Marxisme" (The three sources of Marxism) which was reprinted in French in April 1977 by editions Spartacus. (serie B No.78).

When insurrections die - Gilles Dauvé

Franco, Mussolini and Hitler

Gilles Dauvé's pamphlet on the on the failures of the Russian, Spanish and German Revolutions, and the rise of fascism in Europe.

Brest-Litovsk, 1917 and 1939

"If the Russian Revolution becomes the signal for a proletarian revolution in the West, so that both complement each other, the present Russian common ownership of land may serve as the starting point for a communist development."