Truth and revolution and parenting

Nate Hawthorne writes about the issue of parenting in the Sojourner Truth Organization and his own experience in current groups.

The Young Lords Party: examining its deficit of democracy and decline

A critique of the Young Lords lack of internal democracy and its contribution towards their decline. We do not agree with some aspects of this article (positive perspective on nationalism, democratic centralism), but feel it provides some other valuable information.

100 years of the SAC

Berns blockade

An account by a UK IWW/L&S member of the SAC's centennial celebration.

Book review: A New World In Our Hearts: Love & Rage

A review of a short book containing a collection of writings from the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.

The Workplace Papers

Short summary of the Sojourner Truth Organization, a group that came out of the so-called "new communist movement" and their views and experience in workplace organizing.

Constitution of the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation

This constitution is is not just a record of the procedural form of a radical organisation but also a powerful political statement about both disability and the organisation of society more generally. British disability theory and activism has many of its roots in this organisation, and its constitution, written in 1974, contains insight and analysis that is useful to this day.

Obituary of Class War - Radical Chains

Radical Chains on the demise and legacy of the UK anarchist organisation Class War Federation.

Who We Are - Solidarity & Defense

A group description by Solidarity & Defense, an anti-authoritarian group based in Detroit and Lansing that existed from 2008-2011.


Ultraleft propaganda collective Deterritorial Support Group's swan song, stating their dissolution in December 2011.

The origins of the IWW in Britain: the two Georges

International Syndicalist Congress 1913

A short account of the activities of the IWW in setting up a section in Britain