Introducing the CNT-f

In France, as a result of 1993 split, there are 2 unions who use the CNT name. The CNT-AIT and the CNT-F. This is the CNT-F's intro to their organization. We do not agree with its perspective but reproduce it for reference.

Syndicalism and the SAC: a short introduction

A history of the Swedish syndicalist union SAC, written by a member.

Working for the class: The praxis of the Wollongong Out of Workers’ Union

WOW members with the Union’s Log of Claims on the Parliament lawn in 1983

Nick Southall's detailed history and analysis of the Wollongong Out of Workers' Union in Australia from 1983-1989, an organisation of unemployed workers he took part in which fought for better benefits and also assisted the struggles of employed workers.

Revolution - an unfinished business

The Anarchist Federation on the 1997 disbanding of Class War Federation, and their analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

Mouvement Communiste presentation

A brief introduction to the ideas of French-Belgian group Mouvement Communiste.

Redwing Workers Organization History

A short history on the activity of various small groups that eventually went on to become the Redwing Workers Organization, a libertarian socialist organization from Des Moines, Iowa that existed in the late 1970s.

The penguin history of Brighton SolFed-thought

The evolution of Brighton Solfed, if Banksy drew it.

A brief and incomplete account of the evolution of ‘Brighton SolFed thought’, so if you don’t get what we’re on about you might have some context.

Group profile: Hong Kong 70s Front

The 70s Front group consists of both Hong Kong Chinese and many libertarian refugees from the reaction which accompanied the so-called "cultural revolution" in China. Some members publish a magazine, "70s Bi-weekly" (in Chinese). Others have organized the Asia/Pacific branch of the Alternative Press Syndicate, and have put out three issues of "Minus 9," the local APS bulletin. This is from their statement entitled, "Our Position." You can contact them at 158 Shaukiwan Road, Hong Kong.

A history of Wild Rose Rebellion, 2007-2009

A history of an Iowa-based anarchist group.

Anarchism and the ZZZ in Poland, 1919-1939

Two articles on the history of the anarchist movement and anarcho-syndicalist union ZZZ in Poland between the two world wars.