Argentina: the FORA - Eduardo Columbo

Workers' demonstration in Rosario for the eight-hour day, circa 1900

Article by Eduardo Columbo on the history of the Argentinian anarcho-syndicalist union the FORA from 1900 to the 1960s.

The Black Guards

Putilov factory meeting - Petrograd 1917

A short account of the Anarchist Black Guards and their suppression by the Bolsheviks in Moscow in 1918

Story of the Syndicalist Workers Federation: Born in Struggle

Tom Brown's 1968 description of the Syndicalist Workers' Federation, a UK based organization that was affiliated to the International Workers Association and was the predecessor to the Direct Action Movement and by extension, Solidarity Federation.

“Epi ta Proso” (“Forward”): a Greek anarchist newspaper

A brief presentation of the first anarchist communist publication in Greece “Epi ta Proso”.

Birth of the FAI


An article about the founding of the Iberian Anarchist Federation in 1923.

The IWA today - South London DAM, 1985

International Workers Association logo

A short pamphlet about the International Workers Association (IWA) and its sections published by the South London group of the Direct Action Movement in 1985.

Dare to be a Daniel! - Wilf McCartney

Book Cover

Wilf McCartney (1877-1949) was a catering worker from the age of ten. Here he gives a vivid description of the conditions in the kitchens of London's West End restaurants (some of which haven't altered much) and the way a revolutionary syndicalist union was built in 1910, to be smashed by the 1914-1918 war.

A Young Lord Remembers

In the 1960s and 70s, Latino youths in New York City organized themselves into the Young Lords Party. Like the Black Panthers, this organization practiced direct action, rejected pacifism and had an explicitly anti-capitalist character. Richie Perez related his experiences and gives an overview of the group's history.

The councilist movement in Germany (1914-1935): A history of the AAUD-E tendency

Article tracing the origins and theoretical development of the 'unitary' current of the General Workers' Union of Germany.

Interview with Kurdish anarchists, 2010

The spanish anarchist site interviewed last month members of the exiled Kurdistan Anarchist Forum. Here is the full interview: