1848: Impact of Revolution on French Colonies

Daguerreotype view of a baptismal ceremony for slaves shortly after their emanci

An article on French Colonialization and the impact of the Revolution of 1848.

Slavery Emancipation: 1848

Article exploring the relationship between the Revolution of 1848 and the final abolition of slavery in the French colonies.

Guadeloupe general strike comes to an end

Union leaders on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe have agreed to end a 44-day-old general strike after most of their demands were met.

One dead in Guadeloupe strike

Aftermath of the night of rioting in Guadeloupe

As Guadeloupe's general strike against rising prices spreads across the Caribbean, a union official is shot dead.

Revolt continues in French Caribbean

The leader of the general strike crippling Guadeloupe has accused the French government of preparing to kill protestors to bring an end to the stoppage on the French Caribbean island.

General strikes around the world

Truck drivers on strike protest against the rising cost of fuel on June 9, 2008 in Barcelona.

As French unions isolate a general strike by workers in Guadeloupe, workers in Chad have set next Monday for their general strike while the leader of the Spanish UGT hints at one (or stalls for time?) in Spain.

None shall escape: Radical perspectives in the Caribbean

The experiences and struggles of George Myers, more commonly known under his pen name of Joseph Edwards, or as Fundi, the Carribean Situationist. In text and audio format.