Hunger strikes, pickets and urban guerillas in Greece before critical weekend

In the run-up to the huge protest marches of the coming weekend in Salonica, Greece sees immigrants' hunger strikes, Wind workers take up pickets for national strike, as well as the Athens Stock Market and one Ministry hit by guerrillas.

Myths of guerrilla warfare - Thames Valley Anarchists

Article looking at the limits of small group activism, when employed outside the context of mass class struggle.

Press and media strike in Greece in midst of repression and urban guerrilla flareup

The entire press and media world goes on 24h strike across Greece in response to the closing down of a major daily and radio station, in a context of rising repression and urban guerrilla warfare.

Towards a citizens' militia: anarchist alternatives to NATO and the Warsaw pact

Towards a Citizens' Militia: Anarchist Alternatives to NATO and the Warsaw Pact

A semi-legendary anarchist how-to guide to irregular warfare. Written in the early 1980s by the International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement (First of May Group), Towards A Citizens' Militia details the principles of libertarian armed resistance, organization, and the conduct of guerilla warfare (from train traps to attacking a power system) and the organization and operation of the civilian resistance movement.

Continued tension in Greece with strikes, riots and urban guerrillas

A second tense week of strikes and protest marches in Greece seeing hospital doctors, public transport and lorry drivers on strike, solidarity demonstrations with K. Kouneva erupt in riots, and a return of the spectre of urban guerrilla warfare.

The Baader Meinhof Complex, directed by Uli Edel

This new German blockbuster adopts a relatively neutral view of 1970s urban guerilla group the RAF
Propaganda of the Oedipal Deed. Film review – Tom Jennings

The Sixth Declaration, the Zapatistas, nationalism and the state

A short examination of the Zapatistas and nationalism written in late 2007 as a discussion document by a then-member of a local UK Zapatista solidarity group.

Colombia: Is kidnapping a method of revolutionary struggle? A libertarian socialist position

This article, originally published in Spanish in El Libertario # 52, February-March 2008, Venezuela, critically examines the kidnapping tactic Marxist guerrillas are using in Colombia.

Guerilla: the Taking of Patty Hearst, dir. Robert Stone, 2004. Film review – Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings’ review of Robert Stone’s account of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Failla, Alfonso, 1906-1986

Alfonso Failla.

A short biography of inspirer of the Siracusa uprising, fighter in the resistance and a key figure in the rebuilding of the Italian anarchist movement after World War II, Alfonso Failla.