Guy Debord

The metaphysical subtleties of the commodity - Anselm Jappe

Essay by German author Anselm Jappe discussing the history and continuing relevance of the concept of commodity fetishism, with particular emphasis on the role of situationist theory in its further elaboration after Marx.

Why art can't kill the Situationist International

Alexander III statue toppled

T.J. Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith on why art can't kill the Situationist International in October 79, Winter 1997.

Theses on the Paris Commune - Situationist International

Parisian barricade - 1871

The Situationists reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of a great revolutionary moment; "the biggest festival of the nineteenth century".

" is time we examine the Commune not just as an outmoded example of revolutionary primitivism, all of whose mistakes can easily be overcome, but as a positive experiment whose whole truth has yet to be rediscovered and fulfilled."

Debord, Guy - Anselm Jappe

Anselm Jappe's biography of Debord and exposition of his ideas.

Beneath the idol, the bureaucrat

A recently published volume of Guy Debord's early letters provides insights into a singular personality, and the fractious relationships that spawned the Situationist International. But, asks Sam Williams, how does this disenchanting account alter its spectacular legacy?

Advisory concerning spectacular terrorism

Translation of text posted by Jules Bonnot de la Bande concening Tiqqun's representation of Guy Debord.

Psychogeographical Venice

We know Rumney's side of the story: it was unfair that he was kicked out of the SI for not completing his book on Venice in time. But what about Debord's side? He certainly managed to complete his contribution to the project in a timely fashion.

The Asturian Strikes of 1962-1963

Striking Asturian miners demonstrate in 1962

Guy Debord's accounts of the massive strikes by miners in Franco's Spain, translated into English for the first time.

Ab irato - Guy Debord

Guy Debord on particular medical practices.

Youth to Burn: Guy Debord on the fire at Saint-Laurent-du-Pont

Text from 1971, not published during Debord's lifetime.