Workers' report: general conditions and the conditions for generalisation at Hackney Street Cleansing Department

A report about working life in refuse collection, recycling and street cleaning department of Hackney Council, including conflicts and co-operation in the workforce.

Bus drivers strike in Hackney

Bus drivers at CT Plus bus company struck on the 2nd of June to following the sacking of a Unite shop steward.

Wess, Woolf, 1861-1946

William Wess

A short biography of Jewish anarchist Woolf, aka William, Wess, active in the Socialist League in East London.

The Bacton Fashions strike, 1990 - Mark Metcalf

An account of the 1990 strike in East London of mostly immigrant workers, which won several concessions for the workers and prevented the owner starting a new sweatshop elsewhere.

The battle of Broadway Market

Broadway Market

A report from Hackney Independent on the recent protests at Broadway Market.

Locked out of Acton's Lock

Residents of the Whiston and Goldsmiths' estates - and especially those in Debdale Court - are less than impressed with Hackney Council and British Waterways over the proposed development at Acton's Lock.

Dalston occupation update - eviction?

libcom has just heard that a hearing at Shoreditch County Court has resulted in an eviction order being granted at Dalston Theatre, it could therefore be evicted any time after 7pm this evening.

Broadway Market café occupation - updates and background

Updates and background information about local residents' occupation of Francesca's Café in Broadway Market in Hackney, East London.

Evicted! But it's not over yet!

The long running campaign in Hackney saw the eviction of Broadway Market and the occupation of Dalston Lane theatre this week in a struggle that looks set to continue for some time to come.

Broadway Market Evicted

34 Broadway Market, occupied since the end of November against property developers, was evicted at 4.30am this morning.