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A brief history of cognitive behavioural therapy [part 1]

First part of a brief history of cognitive behavioural therapy, focussing on the role of psychoanalysis in setting the scene for the emergence of CBT.

Part One: Psychoanalysis & war

Psychopolice order

What will the announcement that community psychiatric nurses are to be posted in criminal justice settings do to psychiatric services and patients?

Today it was announced that mental health nurses are to be posted in police stations and courts in 10 areas across England in a long campaigned for ‘liason and diversion’ strategy. The nurse’s role in these situations will be to respond to calls alongside officers wherever there is a suspicion that someone engaged in criminal activity has a mental health problem.

An open letter to Graham Stanier (Director of Aftercare for the Jeremy Kyle Show)

An open letter to Graham Stanier - the Director of Aftercare on the Jeremy Kyle Show, asking how he reconciles who and what he claims to be with the disgusting anti-working class bear baiting that he participates in and profits from?

Graham, I am given to understand that you are a mental health nurse registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council, a qualified Psychotherapist, and a member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies.

The madness of austerity: Simon Stevens's NHS

A brief look at what the appointment of Simon Stevens as head of NHS England means for mental health services in context.

Two days ago NHS England announced that it had a new boss in Simon Stevens. In his illustrious career Stevens has managed various NHS services, been an advisor to two health secretaries, then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, as well as having experience managing NHS services and a giant American private health insurance provider.

Thomas Szasz and the antipsychiatry of neoliberalism

A short critical introduction to the work of grandfather of psychiatry Thomas Szasz.

American psychiatrist and academic Szasz is probably best known for his controversial claim that mental illness doesn't exist, summed up in the title of his best-selling book The myth of mental illness (1974).

Vital Signs worker newsletter

A newsletter for healthcare workers in New York City focused on struggles around hospital closures and care labor. The attached pdf is the newsletter Vital Signs.

Florence Johnston Collective (also known as Flo Jo) is a group of workers and community members who “care for” or “reproduce” the working class, and/or receive health care, welfare or nonprofit services.

The Sun and the "Mental Patient"

Analysis behind today's headline in The Sun newspaper: "1,200 killed by mental patients".

Fuck The Sun. I want to be composed and rational. I want to maintain a distance. But how? 1200 killed by mental patients. So proclaims the headline of The Sun. And so a rage comes to possess me. Anger, the most political affect, seizes my body and makes writing difficult. But I'm going to try to be composed. Let's examine this headline.

Pharmaco-centric capitalism: a reply to Will Self

A critique of Will Self's August article on psychiatry and "Big Pharma", focussing on the need to conjoin critique of the current practice of psychiatry with an analysis of its place within capitalism.

Psychiatry is undoubtedly experiencing something of a crisis. It is a clean and currently self-contained crisis, one that rarely troubles national headlines or makes it into the everyday conversations of workers in the office or the clothes shop floor, but it is a crisis nonetheless.

The eclipse and re-emergence of the antipsychiatry movement

Brief introductory post outlining what antipsychiatry is and the need for its renewal.

As part of their birthday celebrations Libcom decided to expand their blog section, so I decided I’d put my foot forward to do a bit of writing on mental health. While I know Ramona already writes on mental health, I figure it can’t hurt to have someone else contributing to promote the complexity of mental distress within the anarchist community.

Madness and civilisation: a history of insanity in the age of reason - Michel Foucault

A critical history of the idea of madness in European culture and society from the Middle Ages to the modern age.